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Meet The Two Designers Who Want To Build A Wall Around Trump Tower

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For the fourth time this summer, Donald Trump is going to find his hate walled in yet again.

Designers David Haggerty and James Cazzoli are raising $60,000 in order to build a 200-foot sandbag “wall” at West 59th Street and the Avenue of the Americas, just blocks from Trump Tower and the Trump International Hotel.

“Trump calls for the building of a wall, defaming and slandering Mexican people—well, what if we turn his words against him, and wall him in?” said Haggerty.

The two have located a sandbag company and have secured the necessary permits. Donations are welcome from all, regardless of immigration status.

“No one will be excluded,” said Haggerty. “This isn’t one individual speaking to whatever reality he’s living in—we’re building this reality together.”

More from Wired:

If the Indiegogo campaign isn’t successful, or if they raise over $60,000, the team will donate any unused money to the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, which helps low-income students access higher education. “If we can’t gather enough attention to build the wall, we don’t want the conversation to end there,” says Haggerty.

Similar “wall” efforts have been seen in Denver, Toledo, and Cleveland, where anti-Trump demonstrators raised $15,000 to “wall off” the Republican National Convention.

“We’re here because we’re gonna give Trump what he wants — his wall,” said one of the activists in a must-watch video from the New York Times. “But it’s not gonna be the wall on the border, it’s gonna be here. The wall against his hate.”