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“No Papers, No Fear”: NYT Highlights “Wall Off Trump” Action At The Republican National Convention

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Yesterday, a coalition of hundreds of activists locked arm-in-arm erected a human “wall” outside the Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland, the site of this year’s Republican National Convention.

With messages of “Wall Off Trump,” “No Papers, No Fear,” “We Are The Immigrants, Mighty Mighty Immigrants” on their “wall banners,” the activists condemned the bigoted rhetoric and proposals of the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.

“We’re here because we’re gonna give Trump what he wants — his wall,” said one of the activists in a must-watch video from the New York Times. “But it’s not gonna be the wall on the border, it’s gonna be here. The wall against his hate.”

The coalition of groups involved in the project raised some $15,000 from the public for materials, with participants coming from as far away as California and Washington, DC to speak out against Donald Trump’s hateful vision for America.

“I hope that our voices will be heard today,” said a faith leader who participated in the action, “and that good people who think that it’s just about words understand that it’s about policies, and real people, real children are dying because of this racist system, and Donald Trump represents the power in that system.”

Additional coverage on the “Wall Off Trump” action in Cleveland is available here, as well as Spanish-language coverage here.