Almost year ago, America’s Voice launched our Trump Hate Map to document violent and ugly incidents involving supporters of the GOP nominee against immigrants and people of color. There have been too many – and, unfortunately, they keep coming. This week, the New York Times produced a video from Trump events around the country. It… Continue »

White nationalists and skinheads who were recently involved in brutal stabbings in California will travel to next month’s GOP convention in support of Donald Trump, McClatchy reported: A group of white nationalists and skinheads who held a rally in Sacramento over the weekend where at least five people were stabbed plans to show up at… Continue »

El nuevo sitio exhibe a los legisladores que se han alineado con Trump y hace el recuento de los continuos actos de odio inspirados en él Durante más de un año, Donald Trump ha utilizado la atención nacional para atacar a los latinos, a los inmigrantes y a la gente de color, inspirando actos de… Continue »

New Site Exposes Lawmakers Who Have Aligned With Trump, Chronicles Continued Trump-Inspired Acts of Hate For over a year, Donald Trump has used to the national spotlight to attack Latinos, immigrants and people of color—inspiring acts of violence and hate around the country. As the presumptive Republican nominee, he has doubled down on this rhetoric,… Continue »

Since his campaign launch a year ago, it is undeniable that Donald Trump has encouraged his supporters to physically and verbally lash out against Latinos, immigrants, African-Americans, Muslim-Americans, and other minority groups. A series of new pieces highlight some of these disturbing attacks from all over America, with Trump-inspired instances of hate documented in hospital… Continue »

Univision highlighted AV’s “Trump Hate Map” during a recent segment on how Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has inspired his followers to commit acts of violence and harassment against Latinos and immigrants. “Something is happening in the country that we haven’t seen in many years — an anti-immigrant sentiment that is turning violent,” said long-time Univision… Continue »

For months, violence toward people of color has followed Donald Trump where ever he has gone. Here at America’s Voice, we are tracking these instances of violence through our Trump Hate Map. Even Marco Rubio said that he is concerned someone could end up dead at the hands of Trump’s supporters. However, despite Donald Trump’s escalation toward… Continue »

Leading Observers Wrestle with the Implications of Our New, Disturbing and Profoundly Sad Moment in Modern American Politics   To a degree unprecedented in modern American political history, Donald Trump and his campaign’s blend of nativism, demagoguery and authoritarianism have been bleeding into civil society and fostering a dangerous and dehumanizing climate. Last summer, we introduced… Continue »