This post is a weekly feature by Nezua, Media Consortium Blogger. On Tuesday, the worst earthquake in 200 years struck just off the coast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as The Nation reports. Bringing “catastrophic destruction” to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the disaster has spurred relief efforts worldwide. Crises like this are important reminders… Continue »

Yesterday Haiti experienced an earthquake of catastrophic proportions, which has left hundreds of thousands of lives in peril. While we know that it was a magnitude 7.0 quake, we do not yet know the magnitude of lives lost or damage done. While most everyone agrees that the crisis in Haiti is severe enough to warrant granting TPS to Haitian immigrants, the leading lights over at the John Tanton-linked Center for Immigration Studies are already complaining at the National Review Online about how those darned immigrants may not get deported, once protected.