We were being totally serious when we decided to dub the Republican National Convention the “Republican Nativist Convention” — and Steve King just confirmed it really is that. During an MSNBC panel on live television yesterday, the calves connoisseur basically questioned the contributions of non-white people to civilization, saying that white people... Continue »
Donald Trump will be coronated as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee later this week. As the Republican National Convention continues in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump, a man who has used the national spotlight to attack Latinos, immigrants, and people of color, will be rewarded with a chance to run... Continue »
Pieces from Dara Lind and Brian Beutler Unveil the Ugly Truth of Today’s GOP Day one of the Republican Convention may have been overtaken by Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, but most of Monday’s program featured raw expressions of anger, racism and xenophobia. The theme seemed to be “they” (read: black, brown and... Continue »
Latinx and immigrant rights organizers are just a few hundred dollars away from raising $15,000 to erect a 15,000 foot “banner wall” around the Quicken Loans Arena during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week. From ThinkProgress: Tania Unzueta, an undocumented community organizer with the immigrant rights advocacy... Continue »
Republican National Convention organizers are finally admitting what we’ve suspected all along: Donald Trump’s candidacy has cost the event financially big-time. Back in January, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer — who in true Trumpian fashion has taken to trolling a Latino journalist on Twitter — reassured reporters that a potential Trump... Continue »
With the GOP convention just days away, Ohio authorities “have been collecting intelligence on extremist groups to identify any possible threats,” reports the New York Times. Among the extremist groups expected to rally around Donald Trump in Cleveland are white nationalist groups American Freedom Party, Blood and Honour and... Continue »
TIME reports that on the heels of a controversial UK referendum that has been widely tied to anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment, British politician and “Brexit” leader Nigel Farage will attend next week’s GOP convention in Cleveland. Farage won’t say which Republican leader or leaders invited him to the convention,... Continue »
With the GOP convention slated to begin next Monday, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to unveil his Vice-Presidential selection by the end of this week. Below are five of the top contenders for the Republican nomination for Vice-President, along with their positions on immigration, as well as... Continue »
Media Matters reporting has forced Donald Trump surrogates to drop a white supremacist sponsor from an upcoming pro-Trump rally set to happen during the GOP convention in Cleveland next week: Media Matters reported this week that a “unity rally” featuring several Trump surrogates scheduled to be held in Cleveland... Continue »
GOP candidates have heaped tons of praise on ridesharing app Uber. But thanks to the rise of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, the feeling isn’t mutual. From Politico: While Uber will serve as the official transportation provider for the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, offering an exclusive service that... Continue »