Ahart Family’s Act of Compassion Demonstrates Spirit of the Season A heartwarming story out of Des Moines, Iowa shows how one family has decided to make a difference in the life of a young girl whose parents were recently deported. As the Des Moines Register highlights in a new video and article, school... Continue »
At the Huffington Post this week from Jessica Schulberg and Elise Foley is a article on how some of Houston’s newest residents — refugees from Syria and other countries — are coping with Hurricane Harvey and how they’ve been trying to help out and give back to the city... Continue »
In South Florida today, deportation relief came for Reina Gómez, a community leader and organizer who was facing deportation despite suffering from a rare form of leukemia that requires frequent treatment. Reina will now be able to stay in the United States and request a work permit and driver’s... Continue »
In New York, an undocumented father of two who bravely testified in two Brooklyn homicide cases has been released from detention after being arrested by ICE in July. William Siguencia Hurtado has lived in the US for fifteen years, works as a livery cab driver, pays taxes, and is... Continue »
Last week, an American family was separated when Jesus Lara, an Ohio father of four U.S. Citizen children, was deported and forced to leave his family. Jesus had no criminal record, had been checking in with ICE for years, and had never done anything to deserve being removed. Prior... Continue »
Jorge Ramos and Fusion published this video last week on the Undocumented Student Program at the University of California-Berkeley, the first program of its kind in the US: The undocumented college students participating in the program receive academic counseling, legal aid, and mental health services. As student Bianca Rodriguez Plancarte... Continue »
At the Columbus Dispatch this week is a story about one of Columbus State Community College’s ESL Afterschool Communities — its English as a Second Language program for elementary- and middle-school children which includes a six-week summer session. Since 2004, Columbus State has worked with 2,326 immigrant and refugee children... Continue »
It Is Important to Take a Moment to Remember the Sacrifice of People Who Make Our Nation Special As our country mourns the death of seven U.S. Navy sailors, a new piece from Dave Phillips of the New York Times serves as a reminder of the strength our country gathers from its diversity –... Continue »