The Spanish-language media focuses on the passage of Arizona state law SB 1070, which criminalizes undocumented immigrants, and its immediate effects: a boycott of Arizona businesses andrenewed calls for comprehensive immigration reform. Continue »
The Spanish-language media continues to watch Arizona, where Governor Jan Brewer is expected to sign the criminalization bill SB 1070 in the next few days. Meanwhile, as nationwide demonstrations on May 1st for comprehensive immigration reform approach,Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is pushing for action in the Senate. Continue »
The Spanish-language media highlights a bipartisan appeal to stop deporting DREAM Act students, while keeping attention on Arizona's criminalization bill and the shifting prospects for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress. Continue »
The Spanish-language press continues to focus on Arizona bill SB 1070, which would criminalize undocumented immigrants. Demonstrations for comprehensive reform planned for May 1st and comments from a senator indicating Congress may take up reform next month are also noted. Continue »
Today's top story throughout the Spanish-language press is the passage of SB 1070, which would criminalize undocumented immigrants, by the Arizona State Senate -- with the support of Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Continue »
The first episode of Enfoque, a weekly program on Telemundo anchored by José Díaz-Balart, featured several top political figures discussing immigration policy and reform, but headlines indicate that the Spanish-language media is losing hope that reform will pass. Meanwhile, the criminalization bill in Arizona continues to raise alarm in... Continue »
As the Spanish-language press continues to express alarm at the possibility that Arizona will criminalize undocumented immigrants, an ICE raid in that state also makes a splash; and El Diario calls out New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for failing to put his money where his mouth is on immigration... Continue »
The Arizona House of Representatives' passage of a bill criminalizing undocumented immigrants sends shock waves through the Spanish-language press; one First Lady asks another to take care of undocumented children; and over the weekend, two Congressmen told Jorge Ramos that with enough White House leadership immigration reform could pass... Continue »
Many eyes in the Spanish-language media are turned to Arizona, which is one step away from passing a bill criminalizing undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, comments from Harry Reid about immigration reform in the Senate garner attention, and a trial for the murder of undocumented immigrant Marcelo Lucero is coming to... Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language press covers a Center for American Progress report on the state of the U.S.-Mexico border; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) remarks from Saturday continue to make news; and some "malevolent ideas" are coming out of Arizona lately. Continue »