The New York Times profiled John Tanton, documenting his role in founding the leading anti-immigrant groups FAIR, CIS and NumbersUSA . The article also exposed Tanton's extremist views and ties white nationalist organizations. Continue »
Could it be that some GOP presidential contenders are finally listening, and are paying attention to the new, accurate conventional wisdom on Latino voters that is making rounds in Washington, DC? Because anti-immigrant groups like NumbersUSA and its Tanton-funded brethren are feeling no love from them. Continue »
Via Adam Serwer at the American Prospect, we learn that Mark Krikorian's organization has jumped on the "Terror Baby" bandwagon – with a "laughably debunkable" report. Continue »
It's like he can't help it: ridiculously anti-immigrant pundit Mark Krikorian, executive director of the hate group/think tank Center for Immigrant Studies (CIS), has penned another racist, nativist gem, making him once again one of those people we're kind of glad to have around. Continue »
A "rational" immigration policy will likely become law in the United States, but only after "some time," former President George W. Bush said in a question-and-answer session aired Sunday night. Continue »
Frustrated by the federal stalemate on illegal immigration, cities and states have spent the last few years crafting their own curbs on unlawful residency. The most publicized of these was in Arizona, which ordered police with "reasonable suspicion" to check people's immigration status... Continue »
Last night, Rachel Maddow exposed the network operating behind the Arizona's new SB 1070 bill – notoriously known as legislation that promotes racial profiling. From the neo-nazi-hugging Arizona senator, Russel Pearce, who introduced the bill, to the Federation of American Immigration Reform -- designated as a "hate group" by the... Continue »
CIS has cooked up a plan to try to convince us that a majority of Latinos support the mass deportation of the 12 milllion immigrants living and working in the U.S. without authorization. Half-baked polling and research is nothing new for these folks, but onto the real research... A... Continue »
Earlier this month, President Obama and a bipartisan group of members of Congress did the right thing by granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to the approximately 30,000 Haitian immigrants already in the United States. Granting TPS was a welcome and timely move that reinforced American values at a time... Continue »
As the immigration debate heats up this year, America's Voice today releases a special report, "Immigration Reform: Know the Players," providing an indispensable reference for anyone following the issue of immigration reform. The series, which was originally published in Spanish on in eight thematic installments, provides background information, statistics,... Continue »