Over the weekend, the Spanish-language media dedicated extensive coverage to the March for America on Sunday in Washington. Reporters focused on the delegations from around the country that came to Washington to participate in the massive march, President Barack Obama's taped address to the attendees reiterating his commitment to... Continue »
Coverage in the blogosphere is still picking up after Sunday's historic health care vote, but here's an initial roundup of blogging on Sunday's massive rally and march or real immigration reform. Stop back for more stories and photos from the march throughout the week. Continue »
As the President himself stated: "Events like these remind us that real change doesn't start in the White House or the halls of Congress. It starts with people like you in communities across this country, standing up and making your voices heard." I think we could say yesterday was... Continue »
As the buses leave Washington to return to Florida, New York, and as far away as California, here are some of our photos from the day. These are mostly crowd shots -- over 200,000 people came out to call for real immigration reform, economic justice for workers, and to... Continue »
Today's the day. Tens of thousands of people are registered to come to the National Mall for today's immigration reform rally, called the March For America. Over 800 buses are pouring in from acrossthe country, and several of the top voices in the blogosphere will be blogging and tweeting... Continue »
With tens of thousands of people heading to Washington for the March for America this Sunday and the news of a bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform legislation from Senators Schumer and Graham, there's a lot of news to track today – here's a quick recap for the folks... Continue »
Today features several op-eds and columns in the Spanish-language press about this Sunday's march. Meanwhile, all are urged to participate in the Census, and controversies continue over old and new programs to deport immigrants from jail. Continue »
If you need more proof that the upcoming March For America is gaining attention from Washington, check out an op-ed from Saturday's New York Times. While we've always known passing immigration reform wouldn't be easy, we have never let the naysayers stop our movement. Continue »
The breadth and depth of activity people of faith have taken to advocate for immigration reform in 2010 is too extensive to summarize in a blog post, much less a single word. But if we had to pick one, it would be "tireless." How else would you describe a... Continue »
The Spanish-language press continues to highlight the importance of the March 21st march for immigration reform. The EFE reports that "Once, President George W. Bush was accused of failing to spend sufficient political capital on passing immigration reform. Now Obama confronts similar complaints, and the drama threatens to repeat... Continue »