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“Never Give Up, Never Give In”: Senate Nominee Ted Strickland Joins Ohio Immigrants For “DAPA Dinner”

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Yesterday, Democratic Senate candidate and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland sat down with Ohio immigrant families and members of the Lorain community as part of the ongoing “DAPA Dinners” campaign, which joins elected officials with families to discuss how deferred action impacts immigrants and their communities.

Among the invitees to the event — organized by LOIRA, Cleveland Jobs with Justice, and Ohio’s Voice — were City Council Member Angel Arroyo, Police Chief Cel Rivera, Father Bill Thaden of Sacred Heart Church, and several mixed-status immigrant families who have resided in this country for years and would be eligible for DAPA.

Some 34,000 Ohio immigrants would stand to benefit from the President’s immigration actions. Among them are Salvador and Guadalupe, who also attended the dinner. Both have lived in the United States for 15 years and have four children – three US citizens and one who is a DACA recipient.

Recently, they purchased an ownership stake in the farm where Salvador has worked since he came to the US. But because Salvador and Guadalupe have no legal status — and the President’s immigration actions remain stalled — Salvador and Guadalupe continue to live in fear of deportation even as they make important contributions to their community.

“The DAPA Dinners are important because they foster a sense of understanding,” said Anabel Barron, Vice-President of LOIRA. “Through these conversations, the politicians can relate to the case of immigration and remember that, through their policy decisions, they can improve immigrants’ lives in a big way.”

“The immigrant community has been voiceless for too long. But now, we know people are listening.”

Gov. Strickland offered a special message in support of immigrant families in Ohio and all around the nation, urging them to “never give up, never give out, never give in” as we continue to work to win dignity and respect for all immigrants.

This was the latest in a series of meetings between elected leaders, candidates and DAPA-eligible families. To learn more about the DAPA Dinners campaign and other candidates who have participated click here.