Joining the chorus of celebrities, athletes, and politicians railing against the newly instated SB 1070 law in Arizona, six UN human rights experts have stated that the law is in violation of "international standards that are binding in the United States." Read what they're saying: States are required to respect... Continuar »
Not only is Arizona's absurd new profiling law, SB 1070, getting ready to cost the state about $90 million dollars in lost tourism and convention revenue in the next five years, it might just cost Arizona the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Continuar »
"The latest example comes from the state of Arizona, whose Governor, Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a bill into law, giving local police the power to inquire about a person's immigration status if they suspect them to be an illegal immigrant, just based on "reasonable suspicion," and to make... Continuar »
The countdown is on. Half a million supporters of comprehensive immigration reform rallied across the country on May 1 to protest SB 1070, Arizona's prohibitive new anti-immigration law and ratchet up pressure for a federal reform bill this year. In Washington, DC, police arrested a dozen demonstrators, including Rep.... Continuar »
The Phoenix Suns, who have made it to Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs, are making a fantastic, political statement by sporting basketball jerseys that will read "Los Sons" to "honor the Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation." Continuar »
From local Arizona cops to top police chiefs, with expertise in community policing, law enforcement is taking a firm stand against Arizona's controversial new immigration law, SB 1070. Over the weekend, Chief Art Acevedo of Austin, TX wrote an op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman warning that Governor Jan Brewer... Continuar »
Arizona has taken center stage in the debate about how to fix our badly broken immigration system. What people may not realize is that police associations and top cops around the country and across the state oppose the new law SB1070. In fact, the first lawsuit against SB1070 was... Continuar »
Anti-immigrant fervor could be more costly than Arizona lawmakers expected. Thanks to SB 1070, a new law that requires immigrants to carry papers at all times to prove their legal status, the state has become the focal point of the national immigration debate. The bill and the buzz surrounding... Continuar »
Our new video might be outrageous, but it's nothing compared to Arizona's new immigration law. Continuar »
Last night, Rachel Maddow exposed the network operating behind the Arizona's new SB 1070 bill – notoriously known as legislation that promotes racial profiling. From the neo-nazi-hugging Arizona senator, Russel Pearce, who introduced the bill, to the Federation of American Immigration Reform -- designated as a "hate group" by the... Continuar »