There's that movie, A Few Good Men, with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise, where Nicholson's character while on the witness stand in a military court shouts at Cruise's character, who has just asked Nicholson to tell him the truth: "You can't handle the truth." Continue »
It's no coincidence that Barack Obama's 2012 campaign will open its fourth Arizona office in the middle of the heavily Latino neighborhood of Glendale. Betting on the increase in eligible Latino voters, and on the mobilization generated by anti-immigrant politics here, Democrats are hoping that Arizona won't just be... Continue »
Yesterday, in Phoenix, AZ, undocumented youth and allies with the DRM Capitol Group, the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and others delivered approximately 8,000 petitions to the Arizona Republican Party headquarters, urging Republican candidates to stop opposing the DREAM Act and to change their rhetoric on immigration. Continue »
The Obama Administration's announcement that it would phase out one component of its troubled 287(g) immigration enforcement program has been hailed by some as a breakthrough. Continue »
This past Sunday movie stars and a Hollywood director lifted up an important message for viewers as they celebrated the Oscars. As reported by the Spanish language Associated Press, actors Demián Bichir and George Clooney and director Chris Weitz "said on Sunday that they will keep advocating for... Continue »
We've compared Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the hottest girl at the prom, but at the moment he's sounding like the dumped boyfriend who never quite realized that his girl doesn't love him. Continue »
Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee hosted a conference call with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Representative Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX-20), who chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Dolores Huerta, tho co-founder of the United Farm Workers. Continue »
There have been repeated warnings about the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the GOP presidential campaign. But, Mitt Romney keeps digging deeper with a new ad taking a swipe at Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and the revelation that he's scheming with Kris Kobach to institute a mass deportation scheme. Continue »
A group of Latino voters is trying to keep immigration at the forefront of the presidential race in Arizona and elsewhere. DRM Capitol Group, a national lobbying group representing undocumented youth, working together with the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, today delivered 8,000 signatures on petitions to the Arizona Republican... Continue »
If there was still any doubt about Mitt Romney's position on immigration, it was erased last Thursday during the CNN Republican presidential debate in Mesa, Arizona. The former Michigan governor referred to Arizona's controversial HB1070 law as "a model" for the nation. Continue »