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Trump’s “Dramatic” Border Announcement: A Cynical Distraction from Mueller and the President’s Immigration Failures

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“Trump Playbook: Deny, Distract, Demonize. Repeat.”

The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Communications Director for America’s Voice, regarding President Trump’s promise that today or tomorrow, he was “going to do something really dramatic on our border:”

President Trump, the showman and press manipulator in chief, said today he would have a ‘dramatic’ border announcement, but we already know a few things for certain: President Trump is desperate to change the focus away from anything related to Robert Mueller; that the specifics of Trump’s new border announcement will undoubtedly be more of the same chaotic and cruel deterrence-only policy vision; and no amount of presidential spin or Twitter ranting should distract from the fact that the humanitarian and refugee crisis on display is a direct result of Trump’s failed management of immigration. The President blames Democrats, blames the courts, floats new names of immigration hardliners and threatens draconian ‘dramatic’ policies. Instead the President needs to take responsibility for his failure in dealing with the humanitarian and refugee crisis his policies sparked.

The Trump playbook is this; deny, distract, demonize. Repeat. Deny allegations of his wrong-doing and then go to his old standby, demonizing immigrants. When the walls are closing in and the possibility of Trump actually serving jail time for his criminal behavior is in the headlines, he can always be counted on to change the subject to his border wall and his threats to put more refugee women and children in jail. It’s another cynical and desperate move by a failing and flailing President Trump.