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Latino and Immigrant Groups Laud Senator Mark Udall for Calling on Obama to Protect Colorado’s Immigrant Families

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By Comparison, Rep. Cory Gardner’s Latest Attempt to Appear Pro-Immigrant is Criticized as Far Too Little, Far Too Late  

Denver, CO – Today, Senator Mark Udall urged President Obama to act on behalf of Colorado families and businesses if House Republicans continue to block commonsense and bipartisan immigration reform legislation. As hard-working immigrant families continue to live under constant fear of separation, Senator Udall’s call for action is an important acknowledgement that the immigrant community cannot continue to suffer as House Republicans offer up one weak excuse after another.

Senator Udall told KBNO radio today:

Nearly one year ago, I was at the forefront of efforts in Colorado and in Congress to pass the Senate’s bipartisan landmark immigration-reform proposal. However, since then the bill has languished in the U.S. House of Representatives…Each day that House Republicans refuse to act on immigration reform is another day Colorado families continue to be torn apart, another day our economy suffers and another day entire communities must live in fear.

If Republicans in Congress won’t act on behalf of Colorado families and businesses or the millions of immigrants living in the shadows, then the president should take action to stop tearing apart families whose only crime is seeking a better life for themselves.

Meanwhile, Rep. Cory Gardner is trying to hide from his anti-immigrant record by offering up weak support for only the smallest of immigration provisions for men and women who enlist in the armed services.  Every time he’s had a chance to actually vote the right way and protect Colorado’s immigrant families, he’s chosen to side with Rep. Steve King’s anti-immigrant policies instead.  Yesterday, he told immigration supporters sitting in at his office that he would not support HR 15, the bipartisan immigration bill currently pending in the House—a bill that Senator Udall proudly supported.

“U.S. Senator Mark Udall proved once again today why he is a leader on immigration reform. In contrast, Representative Cory Gardner has continued to block immigration reform legislation that would put an end to the misery of family separation.” said Pedro Carrillo, an SEIU Local 105 member leader.

“Every day I continue to fight for a path to citizenship for me and my family. We cannot wait any longer for Congress to continue to drag their feet and not vote on immigration reform. Thank you Senator Udall for understanding our urgent need for immigration reform by asking President Obama to act if the House won’t do anything,” said Cruz Torres, a leader with Together Colorado Action.

Solomon Juarez, Statewide Co-Chair for the Colorado Latino Forum said:

We welcome Senator Udall’s statement urging President Obama to stop tearing families apart. The deportation crisis has been wreaking havoc in immigrant communities for too long and action by President Obama to protect those families can make a huge difference as Congress has failed to act. We look forward to working with Senator Udall alongside the entire Colorado Congressional delegation to ensure our communities can stop living in fear.

“We applaud Senator Udall for standing with Colorado families through his vote for immigration reform last year, and again now, by pushing for President Obama to act to keep families together if the reform bill continues to languishes in the U.S. House of Representatives,” said Julien Ross, Executive Director of CIRC Action Fund, Colorado’s statewide immigrant advocacy organization, “But it shouldn’t have to come to this. Congressmen Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman, and the Republican leadership in the House, should immediately call for a vote on immigration reform to fix the broken and inhumane immigration system once and for all.”

“Longtime immigrant families across Colorado live in constant fear of separation, all because of the deliberate actions and inaction of House Republicans like Rep. Cory Gardner,” said Patty Kupfer, Colorado-based Managing Director of America’s Voice. “Today, Senator Udall stood up for Colorado families but in response, Rep. Gardner offers his paltry support for only the most basic of measures.  We applaud Senator Udall for taking action and urge him to keep the pressure on both House Republicans and the Obama Administration to act.  To Rep. Gardner we say talk is cheap and actions are what matter.  Your voting record on immigration reform speaks volumes, and until the House acts on bold immigration reform that you support we’ll continue to hold you to your anti-immigrant record.”