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Frank Sharry: “It’s an Attack on our Democracy by an Autocrat”

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Heaven Forbid If We Have a Real National Emergency

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding reports that President Trump intends to declare a national emergency to seek funds for his border wall:

Just because the the President didn’t get what he wanted — a stupid wall to placate his rally-goers and his right-wing media chorus — does not mean he alone can do whatever he wants. Our system does not work that way. Congressional leaders in both parties should stand up to this naked attempt to circumvent Congress and the Constitution.

This is about more than a political tactic. It’s an attack on our democracy by an autocrat. That Trump, when laws and rules get in his way, breaks the laws and rules, is no longer news. That Republicans, when faced with a choice between power and principle, choose power, is no longer news, either.

Heaven forbid if we have a real national emergency. How can we have any confidence in a President who dawdles and plays politics with a shutdown and finally decides to “act” when he has lost? How dangerous will it be for America if we are confronted with a true security crisis and it is in the hands of this unstable and incompetent president?

Another moment of truth is upon us. This is not normal. Let us hope that Congress and the courts rally to defend what truly makes America great — a system of checks and balances that distributes power to prevent despotism.