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The Movement for Immigration Reform is Getting Stronger–Here's the Proof

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If one thing is clear coming out of the election, it’s this: the movement demanding citizenship for 11 million new Americans have triumphed over the anti-immigrant crowd.

Mitt Romney embraced the anti-immigrant policy of “self-deportation,” thinking we would let it slide. He was wrong. In fact, many analysts have concluded it was Mitt Romney’s anti-immigrant policies that cost him the election.

Because activists called Mitt Romney out, went door to door, sponsored ads and made phone calls, our community – including the vast majority of Latinos (the fastest-growing group of voters in the country) and Asian-American voters – knew the issues and turned out to vote.

Now, even some leading Republican and conservative voices – including some who’ve blocked sensible immigration reform in the past – are starting to change their tune on immigration.

This election was a game changer, and the movement for citizenship is only getting stronger.  Here’s the proof.  Please view and share: