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The Fight to Protect the Path to Citizenship Starts Today!

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It’s happening. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting to propose edits to the “Gang of Eight’s” immigration bill.

For months we’ve known that anti-immigrant legislators would use this opportunity to narrow — or even try to kill — the pathway to citizenship, but now we know how truly ugly some of their proposals are. 

You won’t believe this:

  • Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wants to completely eliminate the pathway to citizenship and change the bill so that no undocumented immigrant can ever become a citizen
  • Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) wants to raise the income level needed to apply for legal status so high – to nearly $100,000 for a family of four – that few would ever qualify for citizenship
  • Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has proposed edits that ban humanitarian travel and prevent people legalized through the legislation from visiting a sick or dying relative outside the US

Click here for information about calling your senators and telling them protect the pathway to citizenship in the Senate’s immigration bill.

The next few weeks will be critical for shaping our future immigration laws and the lives of millions of people.

If anti-immigrant lawmakers are going to kill the pathway to citizenship, now is their chance.  Senators are deciding how to vote on changes like these right now, and we need them to speak up and stop these harmful amendments dead in their tracks. They must reject these extreme and anti-immigrant edits and instead improve the current bill, not destroy it.

We need you to tell your senators to protect the path to citizenship today. 11 million aspiring Americans are counting on all of us.

You have fought too hard to let a few people endanger the path to citizenship that you helped create.

Please take this opportunity to help shape the future of our country.

CALL (866) 353-8991 to protect immigration reform with a path to citizenship!