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Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 2012's Turkey of the Year

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the worst anti-immigrant extremists our movement has ever had to contend with — and you and other activists on our side have officially voted him Turkey of the Year!

With his history of racial profiling and corruption, we all probably have worse names for Sheriff Joe Arpaio –but in the spirit of the holiday, we’re sticking with…turkey.

Sheriff Joe’s enforcement tactics are extreme, and his violations of civil rights are no laughing matter.  But we all know that the best way to deal with a bully like Sheriff Joe is by telling him that we’re not afraid.  That’s why we’re sending Sheriff Joe a turkey trophy and framed certificate reminding him that our movement is more powerful now than ever before.

While we get that ready, feel free to share the image (to the right) on Facebook. We’ll report back if we hear anything else.