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Photoblog: Immigration Activists, Allies Across the Nation Rally for Immigration Reform

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With August recess in full swing, immigration reform advocates all over the nation are gathering together at local events, rallies, town halls, and demonstrations, to make it clear to their members of Congress that they want immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  We’ve rounded up news stories covering these events.  Below is a compilation of tweets and pictures of immigration events from around the country–just from this week.

Today, activists from Rights 4 All People and other groups are rallying in Pueblo, Colorado to ask Rep. Scott Tipton for his support on immigration:


Yesterday in Corpus Christi, Texas, activists delivered 10,000 petitions for citizenship to Rep. Blake Farenthold:


Later that afternoon in Asheboro, North Carolina, Rep. Renee Elmers made an appearance at an immigration reform rally which drew almost 500 people:

Today’s march for comprehensive ‪#‎immigrationreform‬. It is estimated that over 450 people attended. Rep. Ellmers made an appearance as well. ‪#‎StandWithOurFuture‬
The immigration reform march that was held in Asheboro today was AMAZING! So many supporters showed up even Congresswoman Ellmers! Seriously, it's time to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.


In Utah, several immigration organizations and the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake urged their representatives Jim Matheson and Rob Bishop to take action on immigration reform.


In Los Angeles on Tuesday, activists launched a “Countdown to Citizenship,” where more than 100 community organizations from the faith, labor, LGBT, student, civic engagement, business, and immigrant rights sectors joined together to ask for a vote on immigration reform:


Also on Tuesday, immigrants and their family members came to a town hall in Leesburg, Florida to thank Rep. Daniel Webster for his recent support of immigration reform and citizenship:


On Monday, activists in Long Island welcomed Rep. Pete King home and thanked him for his support of immigration reform and citizenship:


The same day, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), became the 21st House Republican to come out in favor of a path to citizenship at a town hall meeting:


Meanwhile, activists in Knoxville, Tennessee, are wondering where their Congressman, Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. stands:

Eleven-year-old Liliana Sanchez, right, uses a megaphone as she reads a letter addressed to U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., R-Tenn., during a rally outside the congressman’s Knoxville office Monday. (Hayes Hickman/News Sentinel)<br /><br />


And last Saturday, immigrant rights and labor supporters in Minnesota’s 2nd district asked Rep. John Kline for his support:


View even more immigration events from this week: