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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, May 24, 2013

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Fox News Latino: House Republican Leaders Say They Will Not Rubber-Stamp Senate Immigration Bill

Associated Press: House Immigration Group Resolves Dispute
By Erica Werner

CNN: House immigration plan’s near death experience
By Deirdre Walsh

Politico: Wild, wacky world of House immigration talks
By: Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim

Reuters: U.S. House won’t follow Senate lead on immigration bill: Boehner
By Richard Cowan and Rachelle Younglai

Washington Post: House Republicans send warning on immigration
By David Nakamura

Christian Science Monitor: Immigration reform is stuck in House, but ‘gang’ is resolute
By David Grant

Huffington Post: John Boehner On Immigration: We’ll Do It, But ‘Don’t Ask Me How’
By Elise Foley

The Hill: House immigration negotiators: Progress made on healthcare, no final deal yet
By Russell Berman

The Hill: Pelosi vows there will be no ObamaCare for illegal immigrants
By Mike Lillis and Russell Berman

National Journal: House Immigration ‘Gang’ Struggles, GOP Hints at Republican Bill
By Rebecca Kaplan

Politico: House immigration talks: Now or never
By Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim

Politico: John Boehner: Both parties trying to scuttle immigration deal
By Jake Sherman

The Huffington Post: Sean Duffy On Immigration: ‘Put Them On A Path To Citizenship’
By Elise Foley

ABC Univision: Steve King Calls Out Undocumented Immigrants at Hearing
By Ted Hesson


The Hill: Gang of Eight plots strategy for immigration floor fight
By Alexander Bolton

NBC News: Groups look for next step in delicate immigration reform dance
By Carrie Dann

Washington Post: Poll: Most back ‘path to citizenship,’ setting up tough choice for GOP lawmakers
By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen

Bloomberg: Obama Probes Create Immigration Magic as Bill Advances
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Politico: Diversity visas feel brunt of high-skill bill
By Jessica Myers

NBC Latino: Conservative economists urge Congress to pass immigration bill
By Vanessa A. Alvarez

PBS Newshour: A Big Step Towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform
By Gwen Ifill

The Huffington Post: Criminal Prosecutions Of Undocumented Immigrants Have Soared In Past Decade, Report Says


Washington Post (Blog): Calling conservatives’ bluff on immigration reform
By Jamelle Bouie

Iowa Press-Citizen (Editorial): Immigration reform still has long way to go
Editorial Board

Houston Chronicle (Blog): Immigrant rights activists rally outside Cruz’s office to protest his vote against immigration reform

Huffington Post (Opinion): Senate Immigration Bill Lurches to the Right
By Alex Nowrasteh

Slate (Blog): House Republicans Find Reasons Not to Endorse Senate Immigration Compromise
By David Weigel

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration jostling
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration reform is a front in the fight for LGBT rights
By Jonathan Capehart

Washington Post (Blog): How the IRS scandal helped immigration reform
By Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan