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Must-Read Articles on Immigration, February 12, 2013


Even on the Republican side, things have changed on immigration.  Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), Tom Tancredo’s successor, now says that he supports a path to citizenship for some immigrants, and legal status for others, while Fox News’ Roger Ailes says “I don’t have any problem with a path to citizenship.”

Voice of America: Lia Parada Debates Jon Freere on the Substance and Politics of Immigration Reform

Huffington Post Latino Voices: State Of The Union Address Unlikely To Change Immigration Reform Momentum
By Janell Ross

Latinos Post: Immigration Reform to be Discussed During Obama’s State of the Union Address; Critics Weigh in on Rubio’s E-Verify Work Plan
By Jean-Paul Salamanca

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Meet the GOP’s pro-immigration moneyman
By Suzy Khimm

Denver Post: Coffman tells Aurora crowd he favors legal status for immigrants
By Nic Turiciano

National Journal: What Mike Coffman’s Switch Means (and Doesn’t Mean) for Immigration Reform
By Scott Bland

New York Times: A Bipartisan Team Tackles Immigration
By Michael Shear
February 11, 2013

Huffington Post: Condoleezza Rice: Immigration Reform Group Will Discuss Path To Citizenship
By Elise Foley

Talking Points Memo: ‘Bibles, Badges And Business’ Unite For Immigration Reform
By Sahil Kapur

National Journal: ¿GOP en Español? Not So Fast
By Ben Terris

Talking Points Memo: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes: ‘I Don’t Have Any Problem With A Path To Citizenship’
By Tom Kludt

ABC News: Anti-‘Amnesty’ Activists Prepared for Immigration Fight
By Devin Dwyer Group opposing “amnesty for illegal aliens” calls for nationwide protests Saturday
February 11, 2013

Las Vegas Sun: National union campaign backing immigration reform launches in Las Vegas
By Tovin Lapan
February 11, 2013

NBC Latino: State of the Union’s special guests: undocumented immigrants
By Kristina Puga
February 12, 2013

Washington Post (Editorial): A bright future for Hispanics
February 9, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune (Editorial): Try compassion
February 11, 2013

Mother Jones: Even Tom Tancredo’s Successor Endorses Path to Citizenship
Tim Murphy

Colorlines: Senate Immigration Hearing Will Feature Jose Antonio Vargas
Seth Freed Wessler

Think Progress: Sheriff Arpaio Recruits Aging Action Star Steven Seagal To Train Vigilantes To Patrol Schools
Ian Millhiser

Daily Kos: Wanna read the report about Arpaio’s botched sex crimes investigation? Open your wallet.
Mother Mags