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Mitt Romney Can't Remember His Position on DREAM. Reminder: He'd Veto It

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Earlier today, there was a report from the right-wing site, NewsMax, where Mitt Romney was talking about his immigration record:

As for children of those who came to this country illegally, “I want to make sure they have a permanent answer as to what their status will be.”

He then suggested he would go beyond Obama’s plan. “… I’ve indicated in my view that those who serve in the military or have advanced degrees would certainly qualify for that kind of permanent status.”

That doesn’t sound quite right.

Apparently, it didn’t sound quite right to Romney and his staff either. Via Benjy Sarlin at Talking Points Memo:

Two Romney campaign representatives initially referred TPM to Romney’s longtime position that legal immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in the United States should have a green card stapled to their diploma. But Romney’s campaign recently confirmed to the Huffington Post that the advanced degree path to a green card was strictly for foreign students who enter the country legally only. But Romney stated quite clearly in the Newsmax interview that he’s referring to the children of illegal immigrants, suggesting a shift.

Williams told TPM in a subsequent e-mail that Romney had inadvertently misstated his position.

“The Governor was referring to his long held position that young illegal immigrants brought here as children who serve in the military should be able to obtain legal permanent residence and that we should staple a green card to the diploma of every eligible student visa holder who graduates from one of our universities with an advanced degree in math, science, or engineering,” Williams said. “He simply misspoke in this interview.”

Well, here’s a reminder for Mitt about his position on the DREAM Act: