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Immigrants and Advocates Across the Country Participated in #LobbyDay

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On Tuesday May 18, the #WeAreHome Campaign and Immigration Hub organized a virtual “Lobby Day” to support an expanded path to citizenship. The event centered around collective demands for Dreamers, TPS holders, essential workers, and more. This Lobby Day was an opportunity for various organizers to educate members of Congress on immigration issues but also to drive the message home that we need citizenship for the 11 million undocumented individuals living in our country. 

Here is a quick recap of the day : 

At 12pm EST there was a virtual luncheon centered on citizenship for essential workers with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, CHC Chair Raul Ruiz, CAPAC Chair Judy Chu, faith leaders, leaders from UFW, CHIRLA, UndocuBlack, and various essential workers who came to tell their stories

Speaker Pelosi opened by discussing the history of immigration in our country and the importance of meaningful legislation. She also expressed her support for Dreamers and DACA recipients and made it clear that need a path to citizenship is needed. 




Patrice Lawrence, of UndocuBlack Network, said that fear is palpable in undocumented communities as many do not know if their status will change.


Bishnu Adhikari, a Nepali TPS holder, Adhikaar member, and Uber driver described his experience as someone who served his community during COVID but still does not have citizenship. 


Representative Judy Chu reminded the participants of the history of immigration in our country and how we should honor everyone who wants to make America their home. 


Perhaps the most heart-wrenching moment was when Cristina Medina, farm worker and UFW Foundation member, described how isolating it feels to live in the darkness of society as an undocumented individual.



Representative Raul Ruiz explained the dynamics of congressional leadership and where we are with the fight for immigration reform, and emphasized how congress must take a step forward and make change happen. 

 At 6pm EST, leaders of the #WeAreHome campaign, progressive partners, grassroots organizations, DACA recipients, TPS holders, farm workers, and undocumented essential workers gathered together to hold an evening rally. 

Senator Bob Menendez reminded participants that immigration reform is long overdue and necessary for immigrants to reach their full potential. 


Gabriela Cruz, from United We Dream expressed how urgent the need is to make sure that communities receive a path to citizenship. 

Senator Schumer reassured the American public that achieving immigration reform is one of the great moral obligations of our times. He promised that he will not rest until undocumented immigrants are out of the shadows.


In closing, Las Cafeteras closed off the event with a song honoring this land which we stand on, and the final remarks of “No ban, no wall, citizenship for all!”