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Help Us Protect the Pathway to Citizenship

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kidsLast night, the Gang of Eight came together and officially introduced their immigration bill. It includes an incredible victory for us — a path to citizenship.

Look at how far we’ve come. You and I have been working for this moment for years. We have successfully demanded that the Senate include a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented Americans in their immigration proposal. This is truly an historic accomplishment – and one that wasn’t on the table even a few months ago!

But our fight is far from over. In fact, it’s really just beginning. Over the next several months, Congress will debate and decide if this bill becomes law. We already know that at every step in the process, anti-immigrant politicians like Senator Jeff Sessions and Senator Chuck Grassley will try to kill the pathway or water it down. That’s why we must fight to protect what we’ve built and make it stronger.

Tell your senators to protect the path to citizenship in the Senate’s immigration bill  — we’ve come too far to turn back now.

We are off to a great start with this bill. As the bill is currently written, DREAMers will be eligible for citizenship after only five years — agricultural workers will be on an expedited path too. 

Immigrants with deportation orders from years ago — and even some who had alreadybeen deported — may be eligible to apply for work permits and eventualcitizenship. And they will be able to work and travel without any fear of deportation.

We know this bill is still far from perfect. That’s why we need your voice to help fight for key improvements to ensure this is the best immigration bill possible. We can’t let our work be undermined by a small handful of anti-immigrant legislators.

We’ve successfully created a pathway to citizenship — now it’s up to us to protect it. Tell your senators to stand firm on citizenship.

The fight for immigration reform is a movement we built together and by sticking together, we will make it to the finish line.