The border is NOT open.  That fact has been reiterated repeatedly, including under oath, by Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security officials. In reality, and much to the consternation of immigration advocates, the Biden administration has repeatedly and publicly told would-be migrants not to come. The Biden... Continue »
Election night 2023 was a very good night for Democrats across the country, again exceeding expectations as voters across the country turned out in an election that was a resounding rebuke of the extreme anti-choice politics of Republicans. At America’s Voice, we have closely tracked GOP campaign ads and... Continue »
Courting confusion, hate, and violence, leaders on the political right look to exploit the horrific attacks to cynically advance their nativist narratives As the horrific situation in Israel and Gaza continues to unfold, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party and the political right to exploit the events for... Continue »
The extremists in the House GOP who want to shut down the government over immigration are not concerned with America’s security rather their fight over America’s purity. That’s right: GOP extremists are battling over who can be the most anti-immigrant and the most aligned with white nationalist conspiracy theories... Continue »
The first Republican Presidential primary debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted by Fox News channel, won’t be a regular debate about agendas to improve the country but a forum of extremist rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Six years ago, Trump flung open the door of the GOP to the racists and... Continue »
White supremacist conspiracy theories about non-white migrants replacing white people and precipitating the downfall of the nation have percolated for over a century. Its modern incarnation, the “great replacement theory,” had previously been confined to the dark corners of American politics, but in the last few years, politicians and... Continue »
The prevalence of synthetic fentanyl is a serious and urgent issue driving the grim record-breaking number of overdose deaths in America. It is a complex, multifaceted problem encompassing many issue areas, including trade, international crime syndicates, drug industry complicity, addiction, health care, and economic distress. But fentanyl is not... Continue »
Thursday, August 3, 2023, will mark four years since a man from Allen, Texas, drove hundreds of miles to a Walmart in El Paso and murdered 23 people and injured 22 others, subscribing to false white nationalist conspiracy theories about a supposed “great replacement” and a “Hispanic invasion.” In... Continue »
  Several members of the 118th Congress have used their platforms and power to amplify a white nationalist conspiracy about a so-called migrant “invasion.” This dehumanizing rhetoric claims that migrants and asylum seekers at the border constitute a literal military-style invasion of the United States. Often this rhetoric cites... Continue »
Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville appeared to defend white nationalism on CNN on Monday night when Kaitlan Collins asked to explain his position on the issue. A shocking moment that caught the nation’s attention and led Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to condemn the move on the Senate floor,... Continue »