After finishing medical school in Bogota, Colombia, Maria Anjelica Montenegro did it all — obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, even surgery. By her estimate, she worked with thousands of patients. None of that prepared her for the jobs she's had since she moved to the United States: Sales clerk. Babysitter.... Continue »
The Arizona Senate recently struck down five bills that aimed to prevent illegal immigrants from using schools, hospitals or other state services — the latest setback for tough state bills targeting illegal immigration. After Arizona last year passed its immigration enforcement bill, which would have given police officers more... Continue »
Some of the toughest bills in the nation aimed at illegal immigrants are making their way through legislatures in the South. Proposed legislation in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, where Republicans control the legislatures and the governors' mansions, have moved further than similar proposals in many other states. Continue »
The case of Emily Ruiz, the 4-year old US citizen who was separated from her parents and returned to Guatemala, has been generating widespread media attention since it broke a couple of weeks ago. America's Voice hosted a conference call today to discuss her story, featuring pro bono... Continue »
Arizona's economy would lose $48.8 billion if the state expels all undocumented immigrants living there, according to a report made public Thursday. A mass departure of the undocumented foreigners would eliminate 581,000 jobs in Arizona and tax receipts would drop by 10.1 percent, according to the report by... Continue »
Thousands of people gathered at the Georgia Capitol Thursday, waving signs and chanting to protest legislation that targets illegal immigrants. Javier Mendez, his wife and their 18-month-old son were among the crowd that police estimated at roughly 5,000 people. The 35-year-old waiter, who lives in Roswell, said he came... Continue »
Arizona-style immigration bills are under attack in several states, with some of the strongest opposition to the proposals coming from agricultural interests like the cotton and peach farmers here in central Georgia. Farmers in states from Florida to Indiana are pressuring—and in some cases persuading—state politicians to rethink proposed... Continue »
The immigrants heard the engine slow as the pilot steered through breakers. Twelve hours earlier, they had shoved off from a beach near Ensenada. Now, they were bobbing off Red Beach at Camp Pendleton. Out in the darkness, California beckoned. Continue »
The potential clout of Latino voters has become as familiar a story line as the gender gap. But what might make 2012 different is the edge Latinos could give President Barack Obama and the Democrats in battleground states which aren't thought of as immigration portals or left-leaning strongholds. Continue »
New data from the U.S. Census Bureau highlight the dramatic increase of the Latino population over the past decade, in both traditional "gateway" states and throughout the nation, with Latinos now comprising more than 1 in 6 Americans. According to Associated Press analysis of the new data, minority... Continue »