America’s Voice   Republicans Double Down on “Invasion” and “Replacement” Language While Mitch McConnell Won’t Condemn It English Daily Kos Ted Cruz dismisses lives of Buffalo and El Paso victims, triples down on racist ‘invasion’ rhetoric By Gabe Ortiz May 18, 2022 El Semanario (CO, NM) In defense of... Continue »
Washington, DC – Regarding the white nationalist conspiracy theories that motivated the Buffalo gunman, President Biden stated yesterday: I call on all Americans to reject the lie.  And I condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain, and for profit … White supremacy is a poison.  It’s... Continue »
  Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings and David Torres from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week. The deadly shooting on Saturday in Buffalo, New York, which took the lives of ten... Continue »
America’s Voice   “White Supremacy is a Poison” and “Silence is Complicity”: Republicans and Fox News Are Complicit on Both Counts Racist rhetoric always generates violence and death English Washington Post ‘Great replacement theory’ is ignorant both broadly and narrowly By Phillip Bump May 17, 2022 The Hill Republicans... Continue »
A recording of the call can be found here. Washington, DC — This morning, El Paso Democratic Congressperson Veronica Escobar, joined experts on anti-democracy movements, white nationalism, and anti-immigrant hate groups to discuss how political rhetoric and the long-term strategies of these groups to dramatically curtail access to asylum... Continue »
Washington, DC – A hallmark of a functioning democracy and healthy political parties are whether they are willing and capable of holding leaders accountable who jeopardize public safety by intentionally spreading racist lies. Judging by these basic standards, the Republican Party is falling woefully short following the white supremacist... Continue »
Por más lamentable que haya sido el mortal tiroteo del sábado en Buffalo, Nueva York, que cobró la vida de 10 personas, en su mayoría afroamericanos, a manos de un desequilibrado supremacista blanco, la cruda realidad es que era de anticiparse. En efecto, pues tal parece que para una... Continue »
America’s Voice   Press Call: ‘Replacement’ Theory, ‘Invasion’ and The Anti‑Immigrant Fight To End Asylum Republican Party and Rep. Stefanik Failed American Democracy and Must Be Held Accountable La retórica racista siempre generará violencia y muerte English Politico House Republicans are facing an internal reckoning over their harsh rhetoric... Continue »
America’s Voice Ad Tracking Project Website HERE Washington, DC – Following the white supremacist killings in Buffalo, we highlighted how the gunman’s online manifesto included Great Replacement Theory and “invasion” language that echoed those of Republican candidates and elected officials, and called them out for helping to mainstream these... Continue »
America’s Voice   Despite Evidence, Rep. Stefanik Denies Role in Mainstreaming “Invasion” and “Great Replacement” Conspiracy Theories English Al Jazeera US states argue to keep contentious border policy in place May 15, 2022 Black Star News Right Wing Ecosystem of Extremism, Violence and Hate Fueled Race Killings in Buffalo... Continue »