Washington, DC – A telling exchange on Fox News last night between Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller encapsulated their noxious anti-immigrant worldview, their obsession with dangerous conspiracy theories and “invasion” language, and their ongoing fictions about the border and the Biden administration’s record, all of which are being echoed... Continue »
Mientras países europeos y otras naciones a través del mundo reciben con brazos abiertos a los refugiados ucranianos que huyen de la sangrienta invasión rusa, en esta parte del planeta se siguen suscitando historias desgarradoras de otros miles de migrantes. Sí, de esos que buscando llegar a Estados Unidos... Continue »
America’s Voice   Ken Paxton Confesses: Using Right Wing Judges To Change Immigration Law A Revealing Exchange from Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller Encapsulates Ugly GOP Worldview La solidaridad hacia migrantes no debe hacer distinciones  English NPR Democrats huddle to plot midterm strategy as inflation rises By Deirdre Walsh... Continue »
There is no medical or public health justification to continue implementing this policy Washington, DC – More voices are calling on the Biden administration to end the Title 42 program, a Trump-era policy aimed at excluding migrants and asylum seekers due to COVID. Despite promising to undo Trump’s policies,... Continue »
America’s Voice   Listen to the Science: Doctors Call on Biden Administration to End Title 42 English New York Times House Democrats Push Biden to Build a Better Midterm Message By Blake Hounshell and Leah Askarinam March 11, 2022 New York Times House Democrats Push Biden to Build a... Continue »
Washington, DC – House Democrats are gathered at a retreat this week, focused on policy priorities and messaging ahead of the midterms, including on immigration and border issues.  While old Democratic thinking may have counseled to avoid immigration or only emphasizing Republican-light talking points on enforcement, that would be... Continue »
America’s Voice   Addressing Immigration Head-on Is Right Policy and Political Course for Democrats English Truthout Republicans Who Attacked Refugees Under Trump Are Pivoting for Ukrainians By Sasha Abramsky March 10, 2022 New York Times 2020 Census Undercounted Hispanic, Black and Native American Residents By Michael Wines and Maria... Continue »
Despite Importance of Immigrants to Florida’s Economy and Vitality, Florida GOP Goes in Nativist Direction Washington, DC – In analysis titled, “An emerging GOP agenda: Fight the ‘enemy within’” the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel writes about how Republicans with potential national political ambitions, including Florida Senator Rick Scott and... Continue »
The Republicans are heading into a pivotal midterm election with the MAGA movement looking to squash the little remaining dissent in the party’s old guard. It appears Florida Senator Rick Scott, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Campaign (NRSC), is looking to seize the opportunity and is asserting himself... Continue »
America’s Voice   Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott Try to Out-Do Each Other on Embrace of Anti-Immigrant Politics Florida Man Mistakes Bigoted Slogans for Substantive Policy, Leads GOP Towards Deadly “Invasion” Politics English YubaNet.com David Torres: The failed “walls” of anti-immigrant rhetoric By America’s Voice March... Continue »