Breaking news today on the legal front regarding the Alabama immigration law. The Department of Justice has asked the 11th Circuit to block implementation of the law: The federal government asked an appeals court on Friday to halt an Alabama immigration law considered by many as the toughest in... Continue »
You've probably heard that Alabama has begun implementing the harshest anti-immigrant law in the country. Their stated goal is to wipe every undocumented person from the state by putting such a squeeze on their communities that they are terrorized out. Police, public utilities companies and even elementary... Continue »
Below are the second two columns in a series on the Alabama anti-immigration law by Maribel Hastings, Senior Advisor with America's Voice Education Fund. These articles were originally published in Spanish on and AOL Latino. To reprint the English versions below, please credit the proper Spanish language... Continue »
The baby girl was born on October 3, weighing just 5 pounds 15 ounces. But just as she came into the world, her father, a dishwasher in a restaurant, was detained by immigration authorities, possibly to be deported. The mother, who is 20 years old and also undocumented,... Continue »
Alabama's controversial new immigration enforcement law is fostering an environment of fear in the state's classrooms that's affecting all students, leading critics of law said during a Wednesday conference call. The new law requires that all schools verify the immigration status of children enrolling for the first time.... Continue »
The nation's harshest immigration law, upheld by a federal judge last week, is creating nothing short of a "humanitarian crisis," opponents of the law said in a news conference this afternoon. Attorneys, educators and children's advocates said the effects of the law mirror the fear and racism felt... Continue »
Two new reports from the non-profit, Virginia-based National Foundation for American Policy finds that highly skilled immigrants from India sponsored today on the most common employment-based visa could wait 70 years for a U.S. green card. The reports, released Wednesday, are based on data from the U.S. State... Continue »
To his credit, Gov. Rick Snyder has not joined the anti-immigrant chorus being sung by some members of his party. Shrewdly, he sees immigration as high-octane fuel for Michigan's economy. But if Snyder really wants to push the pedal, he can encourage all Michigan universities to offer in-state tuition... Continue »
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama. – Nació hace dos días y pesó 5 libras y 15 onzas, pero su llegada al mundo coincidió con la detención y potencial deportación de su padre. Su madre, una joven también indocumentada de apenas 20 años de edad, ponderaba desde su cama de hospital qué hacer:... Continue »
Alabama immigration law HB 56 hasn't just terrorized the state's undocumented immigrants. Their children, many of them native-born U.S. citizens, are also suffering the consequences of the state's torturous immigration politics. Continue »