Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America's Voice, went on FOX today to discuss the policy and the politics of the DREAM Act. Watch it: Continue »
A group of 50 undocumented immigrant students from South Florida who support the passage of The DREAM Act gathered on the sand on Miami Beach Sunday to form a human billboard that read: ``Dream Act Now!'' Continue »
Arianna Salgado has always known she illegally moved to the United States with her family more than a decade ago. But it didn't hit her until she realized she couldn't do many things her friends could. Continue »
David Cho, an honor student and leader of the UCLA marching band, plans to join the U.S. Air Force after he graduates in the spring—if Congress lets him. Mr. Cho is among the potential beneficiaries of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors bill—informally known as the... Continue »
Political hypocrisy is in full bloom in Washington as Republicans try to hide behind a facade of excuses, misinformation, and just-plain-hypocritical statements in opposition to the bi-partisan DREAM Act. Continue »
Earlier today, former and retired Military personnel joined DREAM eligible students on a call, urging Senators to pass the National Defense Authorization Act with the DREAM Act Amendment – a plan Harry Reid (D-NV) announced earlier this week. Continue »
My name is Laura López and I am an undocumented resident of Napa, California. My parents brought me in 1989 to provide for me the American Dream. I was a year and eight months old. The plan was that they'd work and I'd study and go to college. Our... Continue »
Outlets throughout the Spanish-language press report this morning on the nationwide efforts to mobilize for the DREAM Act and President Barack Obama's commitment to support efforts to pass the bill. Continue »
This morning, DREAM students and immigration reform advocates stood side by side to announce a week of action to pass the DREAM Act. Half impassioned personal testimony, half savvy political analysis, the press conference marked a major call to action for immigrant communities and their allies. Continue »
16/09/10 a 2:34pm por Maribel Hastings Por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON – Los jóvenes indocumentados que podrían legalizarse con la promulgación del proyecto de ley DREAM Act, anunciaron una movilización nacional para tratar de garantizar que la medida acumule los votos requeridos cuando trate de ser impulsada la semana entrante... Continue »