Now that Sen. John McCain has won Arizona's Republican primary, the question is whether the senator will move back toward the political center. Continue »
Immigration played a key role in several primary elections Tuesday, and the candidates left standing are expected to ramp up their outreach to Latino voters heading toward November, immigration experts said today. Continue »
Latino voters made a difference in yesterday's Arizona and Florida primaries, advocates for comprehensive immigration told reporters today. Continue »
California Republicans have rejected the idea of a tough immigration law like Arizona's and are reaching out to Latino voters. Continue »
After primaries yesterday in Florida and Arizona, the 2010 general election cycle is in full swing -- and one of the most important questions facing political observers is what the nation's fastest-growing voter bloc will do. We won't know the answer to that question until November, of course, but... Continue »
Today, leading experts on Latino voter trends and the politics of immigration reform gathered on a conference call to analyze Tuesday's primary results in Arizona and Florida, and assess the influence of Latino voters and the immigration debate on elections in these states, as well as California, Colorado, Nevada,... Continue »
Yesterday, Ivan with members of OneMichigan (shown in the picture on the right with Ivan holding a sign that reads: Pass the DREAM Act Now!) held a press event in support of the bi-partisan legislation called the DREAM Act that would give undocumented young people like Ivan who were... Continue »
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency expects the number of deportations to increase by 10 percent above Bush's 2008 total -- and 25 percent above the 2007 total. Continue »
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) spent more than $20 million on his way to victory over primary rival J.D. Hayworth (R). McCain captured 59 percent of the vote Tuesday to 29 for Hayworth. Navy veteran Jim Deakin took 11 percent. The Associated Press called the race for McCain shortly after the... Continue »
Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said today that Arizona's controversial immigration measure does not reflect the beliefs of all Republicans. Speaking to Spanish-language television network Univision, Steele said this: "The actions of one state's governor is not a reflection of an entire country, nor is it a reflection of... Continue »