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GOP Autopsy on Immigration: Still Very Dead

As 2016 Campaign Gets Underway, Republicans Abandon Issue to Anti-immigrant Wing This week, the Republican National Committee met to evaluate how much progress the Party has made since issuing its post-2012 election autopsy. The recommendation to act on immigration was not only ignored, but stomped on.  As the Associated Press reports: Yet for all their … Continue reading »

Lamar Alexander Prevails in Tennessee Senate Primary Despite Challenger Running Hard Against Immigration

The big political news story today is Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)‘s triumph over challenger Joe Carr in the Tennessee GOP primary last night, proving that a Republican can vote for immigration reform and live to serve another day.  Three Senate Republicans –Alexander, Lindsey Graham (SC), and Susan Collins (ME) — voted for S. 744, the upper chamber’s … Continue reading »

Knox County, Tennessee Sheriff Wants to Stack Jailed Immigrants “Like Cordwood”

Tennessee hasn’t particularly been known for being an anti-immigrant state, but this week it is making news in the immigration world for all the wrong reasons. Rep. Scott Desjarlais (R-TN), a former physician who was fined for having extramarital affairs with female patients and pressuring one to have an abortion, is in addition now famous … Continue reading »