Luego de cuatro años de intensos, sádicos y sistemáticos ataques en contra de comunidades inmigrantes de color, los vientos empiezan a soplar a su favor, ya no solo con actos y palabras de buena voluntad, sino ahora sobre todo con pasos concretos desde el ámbito oficial. Vaya ironía política... Continuar »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Today marks a new day for the nation, a confident embrace of foundational American ideals, and a sea change in policy affecting immigrants and refugees in America. As the Day One legislative proposal and executive orders... Continuar »
“The Biden Effect?” Puleeze. The issue is the Trump Trauma inflicted on all of us.   Yesterday, White House advisor Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News to attack our democracy. He peddled Trump’s election fraud lies and predicted Trump would be declared the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential... Continuar »
Now that we are beginning to come out of one of the darkest chapters in modern U.S. history and can glimpse the long-awaited return to normalities—which has to be pluralized given the many misrepresentations of power and its exercise made by the government of Donald Trump and his family—it... Continuar »
Key Immigration Politics Stories The significance of Biden leaning into immigration via the powerful new family separation ad: Why the new ad represents a remarkable shift in the immigration debate with Democrats feeling confident to lean in and go on offense. Why Trump’s xenophobia isn’t working in 2020 (despite... Continuar »
Will the Architect of Trump’s Immigration Radicalism Own Up to the Fact that it has Backfired Politically?  This afternoon, Stephen Miller will join Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh on a press call for the media. It is widely assumed that the Dark Prince is furious about yesterday’s Wall... Continuar »
NOTE: Of course the news of President Trump, Melania Trump and Hope Hicks testing positive for COVID-19 is the big story right now. But immigration developments never seem to stop. We summarize them and their political implications below.  Key Immigration Politics Stories Trump reaches for political comfort food: Trump... Continuar »
“The President remains on very shaky ground politically and legally as he ignores  the Supreme Court’s ruling and leaves hundreds of thousands of DACA-eligible immigrants in limbo.”   Five weeks ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security unlawfully ended the DACA... Continuar »
“We should be proud of a nation that will find the racial incitement and divisiveness we will likely see from the President in the coming days and weeks as inconsistent with the nation   Two weeks ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that the President had unlawfully ended the... Continuar »
The Trump Administration is Destroying the Immigration System The Trump administration’s efforts to keep out and kick out immigrants and refugees has long been evident. The drive to dismantle our nation’s immigration system is now in overdrive.  Given the political headwinds, Stephen Miller and his lackeys face the real... Continuar »