A CNN interview with former Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh leaves no doubt that White House advisor and leading anti-immigrant policy advisor Stephen Miller is an avowed white nationalist – and that ugly worldview animates his influence and drives the range of immigration and refugee policies he’s pushed from the White House (see more from this… Continue »

“Giving money to these groups is furthering the spread of dangerous ideas…” – Heidi Beihrich, SPLC Over 900 emails exchanged between White House senior advisor Stephen Miller and an editor at Breitbart (before and right after Miller joined the Trump campaign), indicate the extent to which Miller is beholden to the hard-right philosophies of white… Continue »

A new letter from 27 Senate Democrats calls for the “immediate removal” of Stephen Miller from his senior policy advisor role, citing his ties to white nationalism and calling him “unfit to serve in any capacity at the White House.” The new Senate letter, which was led by Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), was first reported… Continue »

New report connects Stephen Miller’s embrace of white nationalist ideas to real immigration, refugee and asylum policies enacted and proposed by the Trump administration A report released today by America’s Voice, “The Stephen Miller Emails: Once Far-Right White Nationalist Ideas Are Now U.S. Policies” underscores the connections between Stephen Miller’s embrace of white nationalist ideas… Continue »

“A small, dedicated ideological vanguard, with the right influence and connections, can steer the direction of the country.” In a detailed article for the Atlantic, “Trump’s White-Nationalist Vanguard: The emails of a key presidential aide show an extremist ideology influencing policy in the White House,” Adam Serwer details the anti-immigrant, white nationalist rancor found within… Continue »

Calls for White Nationalist Stephen Miller’s Removal Are Escalating As the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) releases more details today of email exchanges between White House aide Stephen Miller and Breitbart that clearly illustrate Miller’s affinity for white supremacy and xenophobia, calls on the President to fire his white nationalist aide are escalating. In a… Continue »

Originally published February 15, 2018; last updated November 19, 2019 Stephen Miller is a senior adviser to Donald Trump, as well as a white nationalist who has been responsible for some of Trump’s most anti-immigrant policies — and his greatest failures. Miller has played a central role in the Muslim ban, ending DACA for Dreamers,… Continue »

In Any Other Time, Miller’s Racial Obsession Wouldn’t be Tolerated After the recent revelations that Stephen Miller is a bonafide white nationalist, exposed by two reports last week from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), more outrage and attention continues to drive the conversation that one of Trump’s highest advisors’ anti-immigrant sentiments ran deep way… Continue »

“The Miller of these emails isn’t just an immigration restrictionist, he’s an ideological white nationalist.” In a new must-read piece, New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie brings our attention back to “ideological white nationalist” Stephen Miller, the architect of every last “draconian border and immigration” Trump and Republican policy and the author of recently revealed… Continue »

Writing in Mother Jones, Noah Lanard puts the Stephen Miller email revelations into an important bigger context:  In a normal administration, the views laid out in Miller’s emails would be disqualifying. In a Trump administration, it makes him essential. In fact, many of the opinions he laid out in the emails have become part of… Continue »