Traditionally known as International Workers’ Rights Day, and more recently known as the “Day Without an Immigrant,” this May Day labor, immigrant, and Occupy activists are joining across the country to call for a slate of progressive changes.  Marches, rallies, and protests are planned in over 40 cities, including Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta,… Continue »

The general election has started in earnest, which means the etch-a-sketching has begun. Last week on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360 aired a segment probing into Mitt Romney’s recent (and changing) positions on immigration, and what he has said about the subject as he travels from conservative South Carolina to Latino-vote heavy Florida.  He’s said that… Continue »

Today’s DHS Announcement Reveals the Answer: Not Much Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its long-awaited response to last year’s report from the Secure Communities Task Force. Secure Communities, the Obama Administration’s signature immigration enforcement program, has been fiercely criticized by law enforcement experts, state governors and legislatures, community leaders and members of… Continue »

One of our takeaways from yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on Arizona v. United States is the serious disconnect between the discussion in the court room and how the law would actually play out on the ground. Incredibly, at the start of the federal government’s case, Chief Justice Roberts told Solicitor General Donald Verrilli that he… Continue »

Today the Supreme Court heard the case Arizona v. United States, the federal government’s challenge to Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB 1070.  The specific legal question at issue is whether four provisions of SB 1070 are pre-empted by the U.S. Constitution, which would mean that states such as Arizona cannot intrude on an area of federal… Continue »

Today, hundreds of opponents of SB 1070 gathered in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to speak out againstArizona’s “show me your papers” anti-immigration law, lift up firsthand accounts about the devastating impact SB 1070 has had on individuals, families and communities in Arizona, and demand federal action on real, positive immigration reform.  At a press conference… Continue »

This week, all eyes will once again be on SB 1070. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the Arizona law and will soon decide whether to strike it down forever, or open the door to Arizona laws across the country. Exactly two years ago today, Governor Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s now-infamous “show… Continue »