Two reports with bearing on the immigration debate were released in Washington yesterday: an Urban Institute study finding that three-fourths of the 5.5 million children of undocumented parents were born in the United States and live under the fear that their parents will be arrested, separated from them or deported.

Today, much of the Spanish-language coverage of yesterday’s community meeting in Los Angeles focuses on Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ (D-IL) comments, and in particular his call to attend a march in favor of comprehensive immigration reform on March 21st.

Today, the AFL-CIO will host a forum in Los Angeles to debate immigration reform. La Opinión reports that the meeting, which will be held in LA’s historic Olvera Street neighborhood, will feature Representatives Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) and Judy Chu (D-CA); Bishop Alexander Salazar of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles; LAPD Chief Charlie Beck; Angélica Salas, Executive Director of CHIRLA; and Maria Elena Durazo of the AFL-CIO.

For the second day, today’s top story is Hispanic discontent with President Obama’s cursory mention of immigration during his State of the Union address; many outlets also quote Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to the president, assuring Hispanics that Obama remains committed to immigration reform…”We’re not willing to give up,”stated Jarrett. “This was true last year and it’s still truer after the elections in Massachusetts.”

A large number of Spanish-language news outlets today ran State of the Union headlines expressing disappointment among Hispanics and immigrants over what they described as the lack of detailed discussion, or any sort of vigorous defense, of comprehensive immigration reform in President Barack Obama’s address last night. BBC Mundo headlined its article: “Hispanic disappointment over Obama’s speech” (“Decepción Hispana ante discurso de Obama”)

America’s Voice is starting a new series to bring Spanish-language coverage of immigration and politics to a wider audience. Look for daily roundups (in English), of some of the best Spanish-language news. “The EFE and AFP news agencies report that President Obama’s State of the Union address will focus on the economy. At a demonstration held in front of the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. yesterday, activists protested President Obama’s neglect of his campaign promise to the Hispanic community to make comprehensive immigration reform a reality, as reported by Notimex and La Opinión.”

Here are some of the best immigration tidbits from around the internets today — oh, and leave us some Friday comment love if you get a second. Andrea Nill at the Wonk Room reports on Lou Dobbs’ sprint to dump the toxic brand image he’s built up for himself on immigration. Maegan La Mala at Vivir Latino posts video and the new findings that immigration reform would be a 1.5 trillion dollar stimulus to the economy. Dave Neiwert points out the hypocrisy of Glen Beck’s “pre-emptive defense of the coming wave of anti-immigrant bigotry.” (Check out the updates.)

Jennifer McFayden over at writes: “Peaceful, maybe, but ALIPAC president William Gheen is known for his hard line approach.” She quotes him saying telling Congressman Gutierrez (D-IL) to “”Make my day punk!”(Seriously?) and then goes on to say, “I don’t know what poll Gheen is using, but if he’s quoting the recent CNN poll that’s making the rounds, he might want to look at this blog post from America’s Voice.”

Some of us already knew this, but the fact that good immigration policy also boosts the middle class is a myth-buster that bears repeating, as well as a new report by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI). Immigration Impact argues:

The myth that immigration is bad for U.S. workers has sullied the immigration debate for far too long. A new report by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI), “Principles for an Immigration Policy to Strengthen and Expand the American Middle Class: 2009 Edition,” sets the record straight. In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and in an

First, pardon the shameless self-promotion, but America’s Voice has produced a TV ad regarding CNN’s Lou Dobbs problem, in conjunction with the Media Matters campaigns to Drop Dobbs. Watch the ad and donate to get it on the air.

Next up: health care. Cynthia Tucker, a brilliant editorialist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, comments on the lack of compassion for uninsured immigrants and uninsured Americans in this supposed “city on the hill.” Andrea Nill describes the outrageous claims by Senator Grassley (R-IA) that the Baucus bill doesn’t do enough to screen out undocumented immigrants (speaking of shameless!). And check out this Matt Bor’s cartoon from September 16, which skewers the likes of Grassley.