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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, October 2, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

AP: Trump and Carson’s Attacks on Muslims Worry Some GOP Elders

AP: Trump pledges to return Syrian refugees if elected, but federal laws in his way
By Alicia Caldwell

The Hill: Partisan battle lines drawn on Syrian refugees
By Julian Hattem

NBC News: Jeb Bush: Trump’s vow to send back Syrian refugees ‘a horrible thing’

Fusion: Trump says he’ll send refugees back to ‘living in hell in Syria’ if he wins presidency
By Nidhi Prakash

National Journal: Poll: GOP Candidates Culturally Out of Step with Most Americans
By Ronald Brownstein

National Journal: Voter ID Splits John Kasich From the Republican Pack
By Kimberly Railey

Huffington Post: Every Republican 2016 Candidate Turns Down Invitation From Latino Conference
By Elise Foley

Politico: Donald Trump is about to walk into a buzz saw
By Ben Schreckinger

Washington Post: Bernie Sanders tells Latino lawmakers: Undocumented immigrants should benefit from Obamacare
By Ed O’Keefe and John Wagner

NBC News: Clinton Campaign Launches ‘Latinos For Hillary’
By Suzanna Gamboa

Washington Post: The biggest ideas underpinning the anti-immigration movement aren’t backed up by data
By Jeff Guo

AP: Hearing set in Texas lawsuit over kids’ birth certificates

New York Times: Miscalculation on Visas Disrupts Lives of Highly Skilled Immigrants
By Julia Preston

New Republic: Kevin McCarthy Is Already Making Promises to Conservatives He Can’t Keep’
By Brian Beutler

Buzzfeed: Video Of Officer Threatening To Deport Latino Man’s Family Spurs Outcry
By Adolfo Flores

Washington Post: Telemundo takes some not-so-veiled shots at Univision
By Erik Wemple

Miami Herald (Florida): Hillary Clinton to stump in South Florida Friday
By Amy Sherman

Reuters (California): Californians say undocumented immigrants should get to stay: poll
By Sharon Bernstein

Atlanta Jewish Times (Editorial): Our View – The Refugees

The Atlantic (Opinion): The Immigration Act That Inadvertently Changed America
By Tom Gjelten

The Nation (Opinion): The Right Is Alienating a Huge and Amazingly Diverse Immigrant Population
By Joshua Holland

The Hill (Op-Ed): Iowa leaders urge bipartisan action on immigration reform
By Rep. John Forbes and Rep. Kevin Koester

Time (Op-Ed): Borders Should Be Checkpoints—Not Roadblocks—to Migrants
By Kevin Johnson

The Hill (Op-Ed): Important role Pope Francis can play in addressing immigration
By Dan Stein

The Hill (Op-Ed): Trump’s silent majority wins in Boehner’s resignation
By Gianno Caldwell

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed-California): How an immigration law passed 50 years ago helped create today’s border problem
By Jane Hong

Los Angeles Times (Opinion-California): Sex isn’t enough: Carl’s Jr. plays off race and Mexican border politics to sell burgers
By Dexter Thomas

En español:

La fórmula de Trump para sacar a millones de indocumentados del país

Boehner y los “locos” antiinmigrantes de oídos sordos
Por Maribel Hastings

Encuesta: Sanders sigue recortando ventaja a Clinton

Sanders apoya que indocumentados accedan a beneficios de Obamacare

Clinton corteja el voto hispano incluso en las primarias

New Hampshire se convierte en otra “meca” de precandidatos presidenciales

Bill Clinton: Trump no “tiene pruebas” para atacar a Hillary

El Papa y el espíritu de la esperanza
Por Andrés Hernpández Alende

Piden a gobernador de Carolina del Norte vetar ley que rechaza matrículas consulares

Mala asesoría provoca la sepraración de una familia en Chicago (Video)

Indocumentado que califica para DAPA y salió sin permiso, trata de reingresar a EEUU

Buscan abogados voluntarios para asistir a familias arrestadas

Mexicano se presentará en la frontera para reunirse con su familia

Cómo evitar que te suspendan la licencia AB60

Turismo de partos: latinoamericanas que dan a luz en EEUU

Declaran culpables a 2 por homicidio de agente fronterizo

Jurado declara culpables a dos mexicanos por la muerte de agente fronterizo

Indocumentados llaman al 911 para ser rescatados por la Migra