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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, October 6, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Buzzfeed News: Hillary Clinton: We Need To Be “Less Harsh And Aggressive” On Deportations Than Obama Administration
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton Calls Obama’s Deportation Policies Too Harsh
By Laura Meckler

National Journal: The Return of the Middle American Radical
By John Judis

AP: Cruz: Letting Muslim Syrian Refugees Into The U.S. Is ‘Crazy’
By David Eggert

Mother Jones: Rubio vs. Bush Is Going to Be Nasty, Brutish, and Long
By Pema Levy

AP: US Government Deports Fewest Immigrants in Nearly a Decade

AP: Border Patrol Parent Agency Issues Custody Standards

Buzzfeed News: Immigration Courts Could Lose A Third Of Their Interpreters
By David Noriega

Huffington Post: An Immigration Agent Could Be Placed In Georgia Jail, To Activists’ Dismay
By Elise Foley

NBC News: White House Hosts Ceremony to Mark Immigration and Nationality Act Anniversary
By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

Fusion: Texas mom calls out high school textbook for referring to slavery as ‘immigration’
By David Matthews

Fusion: The USA-Mexico soccer rivalry mirrors immigration debates raging in the U.S.
By Elliott Turner

AP (California): Los Angeles County Rethinks Deportation of Inmates
By Ian Lovett

Washington Post (Editorial): Texas’s war on birthright babies

New York Times (Op-Ed): The Immigration Dividend
By Ted Wilmer

New York Times (Opinion): Remembering a Milestone for Immigrants and America
By Lawrence Downes

Washington Post (Post Partisan): How you know Donald Trump is not serious
By Jonathan Capehart

Washington Post (The Fix): As some in GOP toy with mass deportation, California teaches kids about the time we tried it
By Janell Ross

MSNBC (Op-Ed): What happened to the lawsuit against Obama’s immigration actions?
By David Leopold

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Republican Race for 2016 Voters Starts Now
By Jonathan Bernstein

MSNBC (Opinion): Explaining Marco Rubio’s confusing immigration answers
By Benjy Sarlin

The Nation (Opinion): This Is How Immigration Reform Happened 50 Years Ago. It Can Happen Again.
By Mae Ngai

Migration Policy (Opinion): The U.S. Record Shows Refugees Are Not a Threat
By Kathleen Newland

Post Independent (Editorial-Colorado): We need immigration law grounded in reality

Charlotte Observer (Editorial-North Carolina): What N.C. Republicans get wrong about sanctuary cities

Charlotte Observer (Opinion-North Carolina): Sanctuary cities bill also undercuts marriage
By Robert Lahser

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier (Op-Ed-Iowa): Rubio has turned his back on immigrants
By Nilvia Brownson

En español:

La humanidad de migrantes y refugiados
Por Maribel Hastings

Entrevista exclusiva con Hillary Clinton (Video)

Clinton: Obama deportó más por congraciarse con republicanos

Hillary Clinton quiere ser “portavoz y defensora de los hispanos” en EE.UU.

Hillary Clinton promete frenar deportación de padres y separación de familias (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton pide a gobernador de Carolina del Norte que vete la ley antiinmigrante

Votantes en la duda sobre Hillary Clinton

Clinton presenta más medidas para acabar con la violencia armada en EE.UU.

Hillary Clinton sorprendió a Marc Anthony en pleno concierto

Los Mascabrothers responden a Trump con pantomima

La Casa Blanca celebra 50 años de ley de inmigración con ceremonia de ciudadanía

La Ley de inmigración de 1965 cambió Estados Unidos

Que gane Trump: el sueño del Peje
Por Anabella Pezet

EU registra mínimo de deportaciones en casi una década

DACA no es suficiente para el progreso de los ‘soñadores’

Se entregará a ‘La Migra’ para poder ver a su familia (VIDEO)

Venezolanos buscan ajustar su estatus migratorio