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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: The Need to March; Census Begins; Detention and Deportation

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Today features several op-eds and columns in the Spanish-language press about this Sunday’s march. Meanwhile, all are urged to participate in the Census, and controversies continue over old and new programs to deport immigrants from jail.

The need to march. La Opinión (Los Angeles) writes, in an editorial titled “Time to act,” that

“Time is short. The process is now a race against the clock to see if the White House wants to fulfill its campaign promise of passing reform this year.”

Univisión host Jorge Ramos writes in his weekly column, titled “The march and TPS for Chileans”:

“The anger doesn’t just stem from the absence of legalization. Even though we still don’t have immigration reform, deportations continue. In fact, during Obama’s first year in the presidency there were more deportations (387,790) than during George W. Bush’s last year (369,221), according to figures from his own Department of Homeland Security (DHS)…With more deportations and without legalization of undocumented immigrants on the horizon, at the moment everything seems to be an uphill battle. This is why, organizers say, the march this coming Sunday, March 21st, in Washington is so important. It is, quite simply, a march to make them hear us. To make the invisible people visible. To make sure the politicians never forget the promises they’ve made. And to make sure they know that the Latino vote usually supports those who support immigrants.”