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NY Times: March For America Could Be A Game-Changer

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From the Reform Immigration for America Blog:

If you need more proof that the upcoming March For America is gaining attention from Washington, check out an op-ed from Saturday’s New York Times. While we’ve always known passing immigration reform wouldn’t be easy, we have never let the naysayers stop our movement.

Unless Republicans come around, Mr. Obama pulls some political capital from his depleted account, or Mr. Schumer and Mr. Graham pull off some legislative magic, we may be headed for another stalemate. That’s the worst ending: each side blaming the other, trying to extract political gain from an abject legislative failure.

There is one possible game changer: an immigration march in Washington planned for March 21, designed as a last-ditch try to put reform on the agenda. Nothing like 100,000 angry, frustrated, impatient marchers, representing millions of voters, to focus the Congressional and presidential mind, if it’s not too late.

The march represents the power of our movement and our commitment to ensure justice for all America families. Will you stand up with us?

Learn more about March for America here.