Alabama's tough new immigration law was temporarily put on hold by a federal judge on Monday. Alabama's toughest-in-the-nation crackdown had originally been set to take effect Sept. 1 but had come under fire from several groups that filed lawsuits against the measure. Continue »
According to the Associated Press, Judge Blackburn has blocked enforcement of the Alabama's anti-immigrant law. Continue »
Osvaldo Compian-Torres is caught in the most significant dragnet in the federal criminal court system. But he isn't a murderer, drug trafficker or money launderer. Compian-Torres' conviction earlier this year in Dallas was for re-entry into the United States after deportation. Continue »
According to the ACLU, Rep. Lamar Smith's deceptively named "Keep Our Communities Safe Act" bill "would in fact lead to the detention of thousands more immigrants for years without first having a hearing before a judge." Continue »
A federal judge has blocked the most controversial parts of a tough new Georgia immigration law that was to have taken effect Friday, but left most of the law's provisions intact. The judge, Thomas W. Thrash Jr. of Federal District Court, issued a temporary injunction against two sections, saying... Continue »
Civil liberties groups argued Monday that Georgia's law cracking down on illegal immigration should not take effect until a lawsuit challenging it as unconstitutional is resolved, and a judge said he likely would rule on that request before the law takes effect. Continue »
As if Arizona, with its SB 1070 law that cost $750 million and turned the state into a pariah wasn't enough. As if Georgia, with a new immigration law that criminalized all individuals who harbored or transported undocumented immigrants wasn't enough. As if Indiana's not one, but... Continue »
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and several other groups are taking Georgia's new "show-me-your-papers" law to court, filing a federal lawsuit yesterday to halt provisions that would allow local law enforcement to check for immigration papers and require many businesses to do the... Continue »
Several civil rights groups filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking to halt Georgia's stringent new immigration law that would allow law enforcement to check the legal status of criminal suspects and force many businesses to do the same with potential employees. Continue »
The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia and other rights groups are preparing to file a lawsuit challenging Georgia's immigration law, which seeks to go after undocumented immigrants. The state chapter of the ACLU said in a statement Wednesday that the groups plan to hold a news conference Thursday... Continue »