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Retired Federal Judge U.W. Clemon Speaks Out Against Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

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Jose Antonio Vargas is in Alabama reporting on the state’s viciously anti-immigrant law. Over the weekend, he spoke to former Federal District Court Judge U.W. Clemon at the iconic 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. Clemon is a legal legend in the state. He was the first African-American named to the federal bench from the state, serving as Chief Judge. He’s been on the forefront of fighting discrmination for decades. More on Clemon here. 

At the Define American Blog, Vargas reported: 

In a speech to the breakfast forum, and in a subsequent interview, Clemon, the son of Mississippi sharecroppers, said that in light of the HB 56 ruling, “the Hispanic man is the new Negro.”

Clemon spoke out strongly against HB 56 and the decision of Judge Blackburn to uphold it. His words are very, very powerful.  Listen here: