Florida legislators adjourned Saturday without an agreement on a tough immigration bill sought by the governor and attorney general. The House refused to agree with a watered-down Senate version that was passed earlier in the week. Continue »
Today, after intense pressure from immigration advocates, Arizona-like immigration bills, SB 2040 and HB 7098, died with the end of legislative session in Florida. Continue »
For two days this week, Sen. JD Alexander sat behind his desk on the floor of the Florida Senate with a rosary draped across his laptop screen. It was a gift from one of the hundreds of immigrant children and their parents who for weeks visited the state Capitol... Continue »
When Sen. JD Alexander ran into a throng of ubiquitous immigration advocates in the halls of the Florida Senate on Monday, he made an unusual admission: He plans to vote against a provision in an immigration bill he has been tasked with handling but doesn't much like. Continue »
Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos wants the state's employers forced to use the federal government's electronic system for confirming new hires' immigration status, but a bill that may get voted on Monday may not include that provision. Haridopolos wants to make it mandatory that employers use the federal government's... Continue »
When a group of immigration activists and children of immigrants flooded Senate President Mike Haridopolos' office, the Republican leader defused the situation by meeting them and chatting with the kids. But he steadfastly refused to heed their call to use his power and stop an immigration crackdown bill.... Continue »
A swarm of protesters bused in Monday from the Tampa Bay area called on God to prevent lawmakers from rolling ahead with an immigration crackdown, warning it will divide their families and lead to racial profiling. At the end of the day, the protesters had a spontaneous and friendly... Continue »
An immigration bill recently introduced in the Florida Legislature is doing something to the Republican Party's Cuban exile base in South Florida that Democrats have had trouble accomplishing over the years. Continue »
The Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center along with the American Civil Liberties Union plan sue the state immediately if the Legislature passes either of two pending immigration bills in the House and the Senate, the nonprofit said Thursday. Continue »
For evidence of the political minefield that is immigration reform, look no further than the Florida Senate. On one side is Senate President Mike Haridopolos, who is looking to attract tea-party conservatives to his Republican bid for U.S. Senate, along with others in the GOP Continue »