Imagine if Democrats proposed legislation that would cause the loss of almost 800,000 jobs, force 4 million more workers into an administrative quagmire, cause an undue burden on small businesses, nearly wipe out the agricultural workforce, result in the loss of tax revenue – and had a failure rate... Continue »
Libertarian think tank the Cato Institute trooped down to Capitol Hill today to deliver a briefing entitled "Answering the Critics of Comprehensive Immigration Reform," a guide on how to rebut five myths commonly invoked by immigration reform opponents. Continue »
We all know Lamar Smith, one-third of the "Three Amigos" on immigration and perhaps most vocal member of the GOP Mass Deportation Caucus, wants to expel 11 million undocumented people that live in this country. However, he has now resorted to insulting our intelligence by supporting inefficient programs in... Continue »
Last Friday, despite intense opposition from business, student, immigrant, and faith groups, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) placed his state on a perilous path by signing anti-immigrant legislation modeled after Arizona's "papers, please" law. Continue »
California farmers are confirming what we've been saying for months: the immigration policies proposed by Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA), the chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration, pose an economic danger to California and its agricultural industry. Continue »
Farmers are growing increasingly concerned about a federal employment verification program that could have vast implications for local agriculture, Santa Cruz County's top industry. Some Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have called for expanding a Department of Homeland Security program known as e-Verify. Continue »
The federal government is exploring the possibility of using a credit rating giant like Equifax to verify the identity of American workers, a move that could make it far more difficult for undocumented immigrants to get work using stolen Social Security numbers. Continue »
Rhode Island businesses would stand on the front lines of efforts to crack down on illegal immigration under a legislative proposal to require employers to check the immigration status of every job applicant. The measure is one of several proposals dealing with illegal immigration scheduled to go to... Continue »
The federal government on Monday said it will allow U.S. workers to verify their immigration status online as part of an effort to improve the accuracy of data employers use to confirm a person can legally work here. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the new feature... Continue »
In a January-February 2010 survey of 500 registered Latino voters, 47% chose immigration as their top issue, while 34% selected either jobs or the economy (21% for jobs and 13% for the economy). This is up from November 2010, when 37% of Latino voters chose immigration as their... Continue »