His middle name is Diego, so I'm going to call him that, and I'll tell you he's 23. But if I give away too much identifying information, he's sure to lose his job. Or worse. Diego, who works in retail, was born in Mexico and got some tough news... Continue »
Rep. Elton Gallegly's hometown paper, the Ventura County Star, editorialized in support of Californian's DREAM Act and noted the failure of federal authorities to deal with this issue. Gallegly is one of the federal authorities who deserves a lot of the blame. Continue »
Gov. Pat Quinn on Monday signed a measure into law creating a privately funded scholarship program for documented and undocumented immigrants, a move supporters hailed as a civil rights victory as other states have recently moved in the other direction on immigration. Continue »
When Maryland's legislature passed a law called the Dream Act allowing undocumented immigrant students to pay in-state college tuitions, opponents vowed to repeal the bill. Now Dream Act advocates want to challenge the challenge. Continue »
There is going to be a rally from 11 am - 2 pm CT outside of the ICE Headquarters to show support for Andy Mathe's family. The address is 101 W Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL (on the corner of W Congress Pkwy and S Clark St.) Continue »
Hope Karekezi is used to getting death threats. She's used to people stalking her home and living in fear. She came to America to breathe freely. But now, she could be deported to the country she desperately tried to escape. Continue »
President Obama spoke briefly on Monday with a woman who is becoming a symbol of the effort to stop deportations of young illegal immigrants. Mercedes Gonzalez said in an interview that the president told her: "Everything is going to be fine. You're going to be OK." Continue »
Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois who has become a perennial thorn on immigration for President Obama, was arrested Tuesday afternoon along with about a dozen activists in a protest outside the White House. Continue »
Following through on a campaign promise, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Monday easing access to privately funded financial aid for undocumented college students. He also signaled that he was likely to back a more controversial measure allowing those students to seek state-funded tuition aid in the future. Continue »
Tomorrow, Lamar Smith will hold a hearing on the HALT Act, legislation designed to bully President Obama. The HALT Act would prevent the use of discretion by the President in immigration cases. Smith's expert witness is Senator David Vitter, who knows a thing or two about prosecutorial discretion. Continue »