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We Have a Copy of the Unvarnished First Draft of the House GOP Resolution on ICE!

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With House Republicans set to stage a show vote resolution regarding ICE later today, America’s Voice is excited to report that we have uncovered what appears to be the unvarnished, first draft of the GOP resolution.

While we hear that the final version that will receive a House vote today has been through just a few line edits, the below first draft seems to better capture the real state of play:


Whereas we are desperately looking to turn the page and distract attention from the disastrous performance and dangerous implications of President Trump’s Helsinki summit;

Whereas we as a party are using race and anti-immigrant fear mongering to divide and distract Americans from our record of gutting healthcare, increasing healthcare premiums, reducing real wages and enacting tax cuts to line the pockets of our wealthy benefactors;

Whereas we want to shift the nation’s attention away from the lasting trauma and ongoing moral catastrophe of the Trump administration’s family separation scandal scandal because our consultants tell us it is not good politics to be ripping toddlers from the arms of their parents, putting kids in cages, and failing to swiftly reunite these families despite court rulings;

Whereas we as a party are responsible for ending DACA, terminating TPS and torpedoing any and all legislative solutions;

Whereas the ongoing family separation crisis has resulted in tens of millions of dollars being diverted from medical research, rural health programs, and other bread and butter HHS priorities and into housing costs and related care for separated children;

Resolved, That the House of Representatives — 

(1) Pretend that separating children from their parents at the border is of much greater importance to our national security than undermining NATO, attacking our allies and sucking up to Putin;

(2) Avoid holding President Trump accountable for his continued cruelty towards immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers;

(3) Remain complicit in the Trump’s divisiveness, cynicism and racialized nationalism.

(4) Devote precious congressional time to a purely symbolic messaging vote that is designed to set up political attack ads rather than solve problems;