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Trump Accelerates Construction of the Border Wall While Doing Nothing to Accelerate Testing and Contact Tracing

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The border wall is a costly campaign prop

While America mourns the loss of 100,000 of our friends and family, President Trump remains consumed with building his border wall. 

Elizabeth Findell of the Wall Street Journal highlights how the Trump administration is proceeding full steam ahead with border wall construction, speeding the legal process to steamroll border residents into giving up their privately-held land. As the piece notes:

“Since March, the government has filed 24 federal cases against South Texas landowners for the border wall, more than the previous eight months combined… Landowners rarely, if ever, succeed as the government has broad authority to take land for national-security purposes. Those who fight do so on principle, to delay the process in case political and funding realities change, or to try to increase payment for the land.” 

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“Americans are dying on a daily basis. Our economy is in free fall. The American people are desperate to stay alive, reopen the economy safely, and get to the other side of this once-in-a-lifetime crisis. Meanwhile, President Trump is focused on seizing private land, raiding public funds, and accelerating construction of his $18 billion campaign prop. Accelerating border wall construction instead of testing and contact-tracing? What a despicable and depressing commentary on our failed, irresponsible and self-absorbed President.”