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Rep. Will Hurd Votes With Donald Trump 95% of the Time

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Latest ad paints Hurd as an immigration moderate, but his voting record is anything but

An ad released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and in support of Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23) brought up his bipartisan efforts at protecting Dreamers, but failed to mention that Rep. Hurd votes with Donald Trump 95 percent of the time, including on key immigration votes in the House, and that Rep. Hurd voted to defund DACA in 2015.

Mario Carrillo, America’s Voice Texas State Director issued the following statement,

It’s not surprising that Rep. Will Hurd attempts to lead with his moderate streak on immigration as his district contains a large swath of our border with Mexico and is predominantly Latino. And Will Hurd pretends to stand for Dreamers, but the fact is that he couldn’t even stand up to his House GOP colleagues or Donald Trump to get a vote to support young immigrants. In reality, Will Hurd is a faithful follower of the Trump agenda, voting with the President over 95 percent of the time, including voting twice in support of Trump’s border wall. Hurd’s loyalty to the Republican Party over the needs over his constituents is nothing new. In 2015, Rep. Hurd with House Republican leadership to defund DACA protections for Dreamers.

If the GOP stays in power in the House as they have been, nothing will get done to actually help immigrant families. One question we’d like to ask Rep. Hurd is who he wants to be the next leader of the House GOP caucus. The potential candidates, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan, are all vehemently anti-immigrant and, like their predecessors, would not allow pro-reform votes. McCarthy, who is considered the front-runner, went so far as to undermine a potential deal on the Dream Act, making promises that were not kept. Rep. Hurd knows the Steve King-wing would still control.

Voters should know who Hurd’s is choice to lead his caucus and what his plan is to get something done. Voters should also know the reality that if Hurd’s party keeps control and one of those three becomes Speaker, his words are nice, but there will be no action on immigration reform. Instead, the Trump anti-immigrant agenda will move forward despite him.