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ICYMI: Plain Dealer Criticizes Deportations to “Perilous Cities”

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When Will ICE Director Rebecca Adducci Be Held Accountable For Her Dangerous Decisions?

Cleveland, OH – An editorial in today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer criticizes the deportation of long-term Ohio residents back to areas of the world where they are being kidnapped and extorted.

This happened recently to Francisco Narciso and another Painesville man, who were deported to Nuevo Laredo despite a US State Department travel warning.  After Narciso’s ransom was paid and he was released, he reported that several other deportees, including children, were also being held by his kidnappers in Mexico.

The Plain Dealer writes:

Dumping deportees in perilous cities is outrageous and must not continue. Beyond the bodily danger to those put in these circumstances – and the financial cost to their families to purchase their freedom from drug lords – is the inevitable enriching and strengthening of Mexican drug gangs that such policies promote.

Despite this common sense argument, the Detroit Immigration and Customs Enforcement office continues to deport people, at risk of a similar fate, from Michigan and Ohio to Nuevo Laredo.  Beatriz Morelos Casillas was sent there Tuesday night, and deportations to the region will continue unless and until pressure is exerted on Detroit ICE’s Director, Rebecca Adducci, to stop this dangerous practice.

Said Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice:

These reckless decisions are not made by nameless and faceless bureaucrats. They are made by the Detroit Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci.  Since Trump took office, she has made it her mission to deport as many people as possible, no matter how long they have lived in the United States, how many US citizens will be harmed by their deportation, or how dangerous it is for them to return to their countries of origin.  This isn’t the first scandal Adducci has been involved in, and it probably won’t be the last.  But it’s time for our elected officials and others in positions of power to step up and reign her in, before she destroys even more lives.

Our government policy should not be deportation at all costs.  Deportation is a serious, life-changing, permanent decision.  It has extreme consequences for children, families, and communities as well as the individuals who are deported.  Deportation decisions should be made carefully, with an eye to the full picture and the consequences for all.  Instead, Rebecca Adducci seems hell-bent on getting rid of as many people as possible and running up her numbers, no matter how reckless or dangerous this is for real people’s lives.

For more on Rebecca Adducci’s record of inhumane decisions, read this blog post.  Read the entire Plain Dealer editorial here.