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Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Joins Chorus of Business, Faith, Education Leaders Calling for Swift Action on Dreamer Legislation

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What is Sen. Portman doing to get legislation passed this year?

Cleveland, OH – Today, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association joined the National Association of Manufacturers and over two dozen other business groups in a letter to lawmakers urging Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers “well before the administration’s March deadline.”

As the signatories note:

Recipients participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program should not have to live in fear of deportation. Congress needs to send a strong signal to this segment of the immigrant community that we welcome their talents, contributions of hard work, desire for education, and if serving, support their willingness to wear the uniform of the armed forces…  Moreover, these young people deserve dignity and long-term certainty, including an achievable pathway to legal status.

Manufacturing groups are adding their power to the list of hundreds of American businesses – including many household names like Visa and General Motors – who have already signed on in favor of legalizing America’s Dreamers. The heads of Ohio’s leading institutions of higher education, as well as Ohio mayors and elected officials, have also signed on in support of Ohio’s Dreamers.

The Center for American Progress estimates that Ohio has 10,000 Dream Act-eligible individuals in the workforce and would see a GDP gain of over $92 million from passage of the Dream Act.

Lynn Tramonte, Director of America’s Voice Ohio, said:

You don’t get more mainstream than this. Business groups from tech to services to manufacturing are asking Congress to legalize America’s Dreamers.  Educators and religious leaders like Reverend Rich Nathan,Bishop Nelson Perez, and Rabbis across Ohio agree. Polls show the American people broadly support it.  And where is Senator Portman?  Hiding behind a weak statement from September that says nothing.  He ‘supports bipartisan efforts to find a permanent solution’?  That’s great.  But what is he doing to make those efforts real and pass legislation supporting Dreamers this year?