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Marco Rubio Makes Clear He Would End DACA Program Regardless of Status of Immigration Bill

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Lynn Tramonte: “If He Won’t Stand up For Dreamers and Other Immigrants, How Can We Expect Him to Stand Up to Hardliners in Congress and Finally Pass Immigration Reform?” 

At an event today in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio stated that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program if he becomes President, regardless of whether Congress has passed immigration legislation.  Rubio’s comments, which come after several days of criticism from Donald Trump and right-wing media on the subject, would mean that nearly 700,000 Dreamers who have received DACA would again be subject to deportation.

The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice.

“Finally, we get a clear answer from Senator Marco Rubio on this important question.  Too bad it was the wrong answer.  Ending DACA and subjecting DREAMers to deportation, before Congress finally passes immigration reform, would be downright cruel.

“This is just another example of the Trump Effect: where GOP presidential candidates respond to Donald Trump’s attacks on immigration by tacking hard right.  Unfortunately for Rubio, it proves that he’s more of a follower than a leader.  And unfortunately for Dreamers and other immigrants, it shows that even Marco Rubio—the son of immigrants—is willing to use their lives as political pawns.

“Some have attempted to give Rubio the benefit of the doubt on immigration, but after his latest ‘clarification,’ there’s no more room for pretending.  If Rubio won’t stand up for Dreamers, young people who are Americans in all but paperwork, and other immigrants, how can we expect him to stand up to the hardliners in Congress and ever pass immigration reform?

“Today’s announcement joins Rubio’s backtrack from support of comprehensive reform, his recent vote in favor of David Vitter’s Trump-inspired Senate bill, and his clarification that work permits for the undocumented should only come in a decade or longer after ‘illegal immigration is under control’ (while refusing to specify what that looks like).  It’s clear, and unfortunate, that Rubio is trying to appeal to hardline Republicans at the expense of immigrants, general election voters, and smart and sensible policy.”